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The online modern quilting community has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Quilters were forming fast and authentic friendships through their blogs and online sewing groups. No longer satisfied with having sewing friends through the computer only, the Modern Quilt Guild was born so that quilters could spend time together in person. The first Modern Quilt Guild meeting took place in October of 2009 in Los Angeles.

modern quilt guild

Photo courtesy of The Modern Quilt Guild

The Modern Quilt Guild was founded by Alissa Haight Carlton and Latifah Saair. Now, only a few short years later, there are over 150 quilt guilds that are stretched all over the world. The goal and purpose of this guild is shared in its mission statement: "Our mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community."

modern quilt guild

Photo courtesy of The Modern Quilt Guild

If you would like to get involved in a branch of a local modern quilt guild, the guild website has an interactive map to help you find local branches. Simply type in your city or zip code to search, and the nearest locations will pop up. There is also an alphabetical list of the guilds that you can look through! Check out the guild locator here.

Did you do a search only to find that there are no modern quilt guilds nearby? Maybe you should start your own branch! It is a lot easier than you might think. The MQG website gives clear and concise directions on how to start your own guild. Once your guild is up and running, they will even help you advertise your new guild by sharing the great news through their various social media outlets.

What kind of events can you look forward to when you join a quilt guild?

  • Meetings - These consist of show and tell, swaps, and speakers with a little bit of business and housekeeping thrown in the mix! These take place once a month.
  • Weekend sew days - This is where the sewing happens! Sew days occur one Saturday a month and usually last at least 6 hours long. That is a nice chunk of time for sewing, socializing, and eating.
  • Happy hour. This is a fun way to spend time with your guild, sharing food and drinks at a local joint.
  • Challenges - On top of the regular meetings and sew days, the Modern Quilt Guild offers challenges to all of its members! Whether it is an essay or quilt contest, members get to participate in a little bit of friendly competition.
  • QuiltCon - The MQG staff created this gathering for the modern quilter, and the flagship conference took place in February of 2013. There are workshops, lectures, quilt shows, and more!

Modern Quilt Guilds sound like a ton of fun right? If you aren't already involved in a local branch, give it a try! Guilds are the perfect way to find inspiration and build friendships with people who love modern quilting just like you.

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