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Craftsy Connect is a partnership program with independent brick and mortar shops in the U.S., providing new revenue opportunities by supplementing your in-store classes with an online offering. Education is key to growth in any market, so let's work together to create lifelong customers, while boosting your bottom line. Here are the main program benefits:

  1. Place a unique Craftsy Connect badge on your website, blog, and Facebook page
  2. Earn $10 for every class that your customers purchase through that badge
  3. Customers receive a $5 coupon to your store when they purchase a class through your link


It's FREE TO JOIN! Our goal is to make it fun and easy for you to participate in Craftsy Connect--we provide you with all of the tools you'll need to be successful.



Connect retailers can participate in Craftsy promotions and events. Benefit from our broad reach to more than 3 million social media fans and users--we'll even provide you with custom marketing materials! Here are a few ways your store can participate in Connect:

  • Craftsy Promotions
    • Take advantage of Craftsy sale pricing, advertising (social media, website, existing users, etc.)
    • Receive $10 for every class that is purchased during the sale!
    • Sale banners, consumer email, and other marketing as appropriate
  • Class of Choice
    • Promote classes that are specific to your store or class schedule
    • Craftsy provides store-specific email to send to customers
    • Receive $10 for every class purchased through your custom promotion
  • Pre-Packaged Solutions
    • We'll provide you with pre-bundled, coordinated classes that work with one another to offer your customers a fun and exciting educational package
    • Encourages multiple class purchases--which means higher revenue for your store
    • Customers receive discounts on each of the classes, plus a $5 bounce back coupon to your store
    • Yes, you'll still receive $10 for every class purchased through your store's link

We Make it Easy:

  • You get FREE access to our entire catalog, so you're in-the-know on classes you promote
  • We'll supply all the marketing materials you need: emails, banners, and In-Store Support kits
  • Monthly reports, Shop Spotlight features on our blog, and more!

The Fine Print:

  • Automatic monthly payments will be sent to your back account via Paypal or ACH
  • Participating Connect retailers must sell a minimum of 6 classes per month to maintain program status
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time

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One Comment

Deb Messina

As a really small shop – I don’t have the room to offer classes – yet my customers ask for them every day. Partnering with Craftsy is the perfect answer.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Deb @ Quilter’s Corner Store


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