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Craftsy Connect


Retailers participating in Craftsy Connect love the benefits the program offers. Check out what some of our partners are saying about Connect:
"In a community of 1100 people, it's difficult to schedule class topics and times that appeal to everyone. Craftsy Connect lets me offer a wide selection of classes, including those with big-name instructors, that fit my customer's needs."

--Heidi Kaisand, Owner Hen & Chicks Studio
"Craftsy Connect is so easy to use. All of the marketing materials are provided--it doesn't take a lot of time to get everything set up, but the benefit to both the shop and the customer is significant. Our customers love the program. They can watch their classes over and over again, and can even watch classes in their pajamas!"

--Mary Pfeiler, Owner Quilting on the Square
"Craftsy Connect makes everything so quick and easy with plug-in graphics for your newsletter, Facebook and Twitter. It's practically spoon-fed to you--as a busy shop owner, I can get down with that."

--Jessica Sloan, Owner Remnants:fiber[culture]


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