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Paul Heaston was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He received his BFA in painting from the University of Texas, San Antonio in 2002 and his MFA from Montana State University in 2008, where he continued on as a faculty member. He is an obsessive sketchbook-keeper and spent 6 months between 2008 and 2009 meticulously drawing every building in downtown Bozeman, Montana in a pocket-sized sketchbook. Heaston is a correspondent for, an internationally known website showcasing visual journalism all over the world, and in addition maintains his own sketch blog, Three Letter Word for Art. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Linda and their dog Freddie.

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Fine Art Friday: Introduction to the Great Romantic Painters

ThĂ©odore GĂ©ricault's The Raft of the MedusaNo movement in painting has captured more drama and storytelling power than the Romantic movement. Romantic artists depicted raw and powerful emotional experiences, showing how humans experience the sublime -- the terrifying and wonderful mysteries of nature and the universe. Here's a look at some of the great Romantic painters. Read more »

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Know Your Types of Pens

Types of PensWhen it comes to drawing tools, there are two kinds: those that make a dry mark, such as pencils, charcoal, and pastels, and those that use a liquid ink: the pen family. Because of the unique flowing properties of ink, pens are almost a marriage of drawing and painting. Let's take a look at kinds of pens and what they're best used for. Read more »

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Rules of Thumb: The Art of Drawing Hands

Albrecht Durer's Praying HandsIf there is any other part of the human body that intimidates artists as much as the face, it might be the hands. Drawing hands that look right can be a challenge, particularly because they are deceptively simple in construction. Five fingers and a palm can be shown in so many positions that it helps to understand a bit of the basic anatomy and proportions before beginning. Here's a basic guide to drawing hands that will help you master this tricky body part. Read more »

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Getting to Know the Master Impressionists

Monet's It may seem hard to believe these days, but when the first impressionist painters started making work in Paris in the 1870s, they were not well received by the 19th-century art world. Though they faced opposition initially, the power and beauty of the style overcame the objections of a conservative few to become one of the most important art movements of all time. So who were the impressionists? Let's get to know them! Read more »