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Lesley is English, but has lived in California for three years. She has been baking full-time since May 2011, and counts herself as very lucky that she doesn’t have to do a proper job as well! Lesley runs a small bakery business from home and creates just one or two cakes a week for customers. She spends the rest of the time on her Facebook Page, or thinking, talking and writing about cake. Although she’d rather eat a bag of potato chips than a slice of cake, she’s a big fan of chocolate ganache and is often to be seen eating leftovers with a spoon. Lesley has one husband, one son and one cockatiel, which she thinks is quite enough of each.

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Cakenweenie: A 100 Baker Tribute to Tim Burton

Tim Burton Cake BustHappy 55th Birthday, Mr. Tim Burton! To celebrate the birthday of this American film director, producer, writer, artist and animator, 100 cake decorators from around the world have quietly collaborated over the past few months to create an edible collage worthy of the man with Hollywood’s most bizarre imagination! Read more »

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A Very Handy Modeling Hand Tutorial

Modeling Hands with FondantIt’s said that hands are one of the hardest things to draw because they are so familiar to us. We know them, well, like the backs of our hands, so can easily spot when they’re wrong. Modeling them from fondant or gum paste can be just as problematic, but with this detailed tutorial, you should soon be creating realistic hands ready to pose into any gesture. Read more »

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Christening Cakes Fit for a Prince (or Princess)!

Christening CakesIt's a boy! Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Catherine on the birth of their first child! It won’t be long before the world starts speculating about the Christening—the invitations, the robe, the cake... Let’s give Wills and Kate a helping hand with some beautiful Christening and Naming Day cakes to inspire them! Read more »

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July’s Junk Food Junket

Junk Food CakesMost of us don’t need a national day of celebration to indulge in some junk food, but if there’s a day set aside for the purpose, who are we to argue? July 21st is National Junk Food Day across America, so let’s binge on the best-looking junk-food cakes around. Read more »

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Ooh La La! French Buttercream

French ButtercreamThe Europeans seem to have stolen a march on creating the most delicious, velvety smooth buttercreams. The Italians and Swiss have their silky meringue versions made with whipped egg whites, sugar and butter, but leave it to the French to use the yolks to make a buttercream that’s as rich, creamy and decadent as any you’ll taste. Read more »