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Kari is fortunate enough to be part of a family and community of crafters and artistic types, and grew up doing her fair share of beading, crochet, sewing, a bit of needlework, painting and creating fabulous friendship bracelets. A native Coloradan, Kari neither skis nor snowboards, but she does have a soft spot for chair lifts and gondolas. She is an avid doodler, a former bunhead, a developing mosaicist and a pretty damn good whistler.
Colorful Bird

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Craftsy First Friday Photo Gallery: Wildlife

Whether you have ready access to open space where animals run free or you are visiting your local preserve, trying your hand at wildlife photography can help to challenge and hone some of the most important skills for professional photographers: timing, patience and study of your subject. This First Friday in May, we pay tribute to our member photographers and their wildlife works. Read more »
Dog Running with Toy - Craftsy Blog

Photography Blog

First Friday Photo Gallery: Movement

From the moment we are born, we are motivated to move. It's no wonder, then, that we are so often captivated by images of movement. Today, in Craftsy's First Friday Photography Gallery, we celebrate movement, and applaud our talented members who have been able to so eloquently capture it on film. View the gallery! Read more »
Bride in Traditional Indian Wedding Garment

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Craftsy’s Wedding Photography Contest: And the Winner Is…

WOW. That's all we can say: WOW!! The Craftsy photo community has knocked our socks off with the beautiful, creative and touching images you've all submitted for Craftsy's 2014 Wedding Photography Contest. Choosing a winner was not at an easy task, but our experts put their heads together and at last chose one that stood out among the array of incredible work. Read more »

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First Friday Fine Art Gallery: Studies in Perspective

Drawing of the Duomo

Perspective gives our work depth, accuracy and realism, and a proper handle on incorporating perspective into one's work is the mark of a proficient artist. View a gallery of artwork that beautifully incorporates perspective in this inaugural installment of the First Friday Art Gallery on Craftsy.

Read more »