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Amazing Art Quilts: Projects and Patterns

Student Art QuiltsWhen we go looking for art quilt patterns and projects here on Craftsy, we tend to get lost in all the many beautiful examples. In case you hadn't noticed just how wonderful they are, we wanted to present you with this roundup of a few of our favorite art quilt patterns and projects. Read more »

Quilting Blog

Maker Monday: Angela Walters Talks Quilting Business

Angela WaltersMachine quilting expert and small business owner, Angela Walters is also a Craftsy instructor, and we couldn't be more excited to have her on board! Here we talk to Angela about her business, and get her advice on quilting machines, resources, and what kinds of things to keep in mind when starting your own business that's centered around your passion. Read more »

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Paper Crafts: An Interview with Molly & Arielle

Paper Crafts CalendarMeet Molly, a fine artist that works with paper, and Arielle, a writer and poet. They've combined their talents to create paper crafts that have depth, meaning, and also look fantastic! We had a chance to sit down with these two creative individuals to find out how they met, and how they came to collaborate on their popular calendars. They are definitely showing why paper arts and paper crafts are some of the hippest, most stylish forms of crafts today. Read more »