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Alison Hathaway is a wedding and lifestyle photographer with Red Shoes Photography, based in Denver, Colorado. She loves to travel and has been to (nearly) as many countries as she is old. Born and raised in West Michigan, Alison has lived on both the east and west coasts of the United States and is happy now to be right in the middle, near all that the Rocky Mountains have to offer. When she's not taking pictures, Alison enjoys hosting dinner parties, riding to happy hour by bike and practicing yoga.
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Wedding Photography Kit: 4 Tips for Carrying Gear During A Wedding

Let’s face it: professional camera gear is heavy! And after a long day of running around, standing on your feet and the inevitable emotional stress that comes from making sure you capture all the photos you need to get, you will be sore and tired. It is a feeling I affectionately call the "wedding hangover". The way you carry (or don’t carry your gear) can make a huge difference in how you feel the next day. Here are some tips for carrying your gear on a wedding day, so you not only survive but also get all the right shots. Read more »
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Commercial Photography Tips: 5 Pointers for Going Commercial

Transitioning your business into the product photography world can be intimidating, but ultimately very rewarding. Commercial photography allows you to work with companies of all different kinds, photographing all kinds of products. And most importantly, it is a great way to make some money with your photography career! Here's five pointers for going commercial to help make your career a success! Read more »
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What Do You Do When Friends Ask You to Photograph Their Wedding?

As a wedding photographer, situations will arise where friends and family will ask you to photograph their weddings. Some of these requests will be from a genuine love and appreciation of your work while others will be looking for deep discounts and even for you to do it for free. It is good to have a game plan in place for when these requests come in and to know in advance how you will handle them. Here are some helpful tips for this sometimes sticky situation: Read more »