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Boundless Heirloom Bloom: It’s A Labor of Love

By Craftsy
We've all heard of an heirloom quilt. In fact, most of us can probably picture a specific quilt when we hear the phrase. But when someone suggested we name one of our newest fabric collections "Heirloom Bloom," we started to wonder what exactly the word "heirloom" means for quilters. To get to the bottom of it, we asked a few of our favorites: Trellis Garden Quilt Kit Ashley Smith, Fabric Production Manager "Heirloom quilts mean attention to every detail. They're rather large, pieced intricately, Read more »

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Crisp, Clean, Modern: 6 Beautiful Black and White Quilt Patterns

By Diane Knott

Nothing says fresh, crisp, clean and modern like a quilt made entirely of black and white fabrics. The contrast of light and dark without the distraction of a rainbow of colors can really delight the eye. Before you think black and white is boring, take a look at the quilts we've collected here and see how far from the truth that really is.

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