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6 Beautiful (and Useful!) Ways to Store Your Sewing & Quilting Notions

These simple storage solutions (which you probably already have at home) just might change the way you look at your creative space. Organizing your sewing supplies in a beautiful way will help you tame the madness and create an inviting, inspiring atmosphere.

Inspiring Ways to Organize Quilting and Sewing Supplies

Check out these pretty ways to store thread, bias tape, scissors, clips and more!

From spice jars and wall-mounted storage solutions to clear shelving and the perfect caddy for the job, these organizers will help you clean up your sewing space for the long haul.

Cookie jars

Cookie Jar Embroidery Floss Storage

Wrap your embroidery floss around wooden clothespins, then toss the pins into a large glass jar or a cookie jar, so the colors shine through! Keep the filled jar on your cutting table for easy access, or store it on an out-of-the-way shelf. Just avoid keeping glass jars where they might drop and break (like a sewing table with a shaky machine).

2. Lucite shelving

Lucite Shelving for Sewing Room Organization

We have a major design crush on clear shelving units for storing thread and other sewing notions. This lucite drawer unit keeps your thread at an arm’s reach, but not so far away that you can’t enjoy the pretty colors peeking through! Keep your favorite pair of scissors nearby on an open shelf, though, so you don’t have to go digging for them.

3. Cutting table caddy

Cutting Table Caddy for Sewing Room Organization

No matter what size or shape you choose, a cutting table caddy is a handy tool to store your scissors, rotary cutters, marking tools and tape measure. This wooden desktop organizer has multiple compartments so you can easily sort your supplies. If you like to sew on the go, choose a fabric sewing caddy with a handle.

4. Mini test tubes and wooden spools

Test Tubes and Wooden Spools for Sewing Room

These plastic tubes with cork stoppers look just like test tubes, making us rethink they way we store paper clips — and other small notions like pins. Look around your home for small storage containers (pill bottles, mint tins, glass baby food jars, etc.), and save them.

Also, don’t throw away those vintage wooden spools. They are the perfect place to store homemade bias tape.

5. Wall-mounted thread storage

Wall-Mounted Design Boards and Thread Storage

One way to draw attention to your thread rack is to frame it and treat it like a piece of art. Don’t have a wall-mounted thread rack? Swap out a tabletop spice rack — maybe even a spinning one.

When it comes to wall space, don’t limit yourself to storage. Mini batting-wrapped foam boards mounted on the wall can serve as much-needed inspiration for quilters auditioning blocks.

6. Spice jars

Small Jars for Button Storage

Buttons and beads are too pretty to be hidden away. Find some smaller, clear jars (empty spice containers work great!), and fill them up with sewing notions by color or size. You’ll be surprised how much more you’ll want to sew buttons onto your projects.

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So, it I were to repaint my space which is in the basement do you have any suggestions for a paint color??

Rosemarie Miller

Taupe….or light grey. Makes everything POP!! Love it in my home and craft room.


It would depend on your lighting, what your walls are made of Foe example are they cinder block, paneling, etc., what kind of moisture do you have, damp or dry? These may effects what type of paint you can use. For example, if you have cinder block walls I would first apply a moister barrier paint that is white in color. The white will brighten your space and if I wanted to paint it with a color I would use a light, happy color like light blue.


If I were to paint my basement, even though I love color I would go with off white in my craft room. This is so it wouldn’t distort colors as I’m creating.


I like a light yellow for sunshine in the basement…..just remember color intensifies in small areas

Clara Coffey

If I do all that I won’t have time to be creative. lol I like the ideas and some I already use, I’m just not an organized person.


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