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Classic Crochet: How to Crochet Granny Squares

The granny square is the most iconic motif in crochet. Even people who don’t know crochet often know that the granny square is a crochet classic. The best part? This simple motif is easy to learn. Once you learn it, you can use the granny square to make everything from simple coasters to elaborate afghans.

Every crocheter needs a classic granny square pattern at their disposal. Click here to download and print this pattern so you have go-to granny square instructions anytime, anywhere.

how to crochet granny squares

Photos via Kathryn Vercillo of Crochet Concupiscence

Here are all the steps you need if you want to learn how to crochet granny squares.

How to crochet a classic granny square

You can crochet a granny square using any type of yarn and any size crochet hook. In this example, I’ve used a basic worsted weight yarn and size H/8 5mm crochet hook.

Round 1:

chain three granny square

Chain three.

dc crochet granny square

Dc into the first chain.

how to crochet a granny square 3dc

Dc again into the first chain. You now have a cluster of three dc because the first chain three counts as the first dc.

how to crochet granny square corner

Chain two; this creates the space that will become your first corner.

granny square crochet step 6

3 dc into the same chain spot. Ch 2 to make your next corner. Repeat that previous step twice more.

granny square crochet step 7

Slip stitch into the top chain of the first “chain three” to close the round. Your smallest center square is now complete.

Round 2:

granny square crochet step 8

To begin the next round, you will chain 3. This counts as the first dc of the round.

granny square crochet step 9

Make 2 dc into the same corner as the ch 3.

granny square crochet step 10

In the following corner: 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc. This makes the new corner.

granny square crochet step 11

Repeat this in the next corner.

granny square crochet step 13

In the final corner, you will make 3 dc, chain two and then slip stitch to the top of the first chain in the first “chain three” to close the round.

Round three:

granny square crochet step 15

Your next round begins in the same manner as round two. Chain three and then 2 dc into the same corner.

granny square crochet step 16

You will see that the next space is not a corner but just a space. Make 3 dc in this space.

granny square crochet step 17

Your next space is the corner, so you will make 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc into the corner. Repeat the previous two steps around the square. When you get to the final space, make 3 dc, ch 2 and sl st to the top of the first chain 3 to close the round.

Round 4:

granny square crochet step 18

Round 4 is similar to round 3 except that you are now working with a larger square so there will be two chain spaces in each row between each corner.

You can continue increasing the size of your granny square to make it as large as you would like. Simply work 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc in each corner and 3 dc in each space, joining at the end of each row and beginning the new round with a ch 3 for the first dc stitch. The classic crochet granny square is generally considered to be a five round granny square.

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Advanced Granny Square Techniques

Are you ready to take your granny square skills to the next level? Here are some suggestions for next steps:

How to crochet a multi-color granny square

multicolor crochet granny square

Photo via Craftsy member Suyeates

Now you know how to crochet a classic granny square in a single color. However, many people want to make those beautiful multi-color crochet granny squares that are featured in such a variety of projects in books and around the web. Here’s all that you need to do differently from the instructions above:

1. At the end of each round, complete your slip stitch to finish off that round as if you were finishing off any crochet project. Cut the tail and leave the end to weave in later.

2. Join your next color into any corner of your crochet granny square. Begin with a chain three for your first double crochet of the corner and proceed as normal.

3. You may wish to change colors every round, alternate colors from one round to the next or work a few rounds in each color before ending off and beginning a new color.

granny square crochet variegated

Alternatively, of course, you could use variegated yarn to achieve a different style of colorwork for your crochet granny squares.

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Join Your Classic Granny Squares

Joining Crochet Motifs

Once you’ve made a few crochet granny squares, join them all together in one project. Learn easy methods to bring them together in this online video class.Enroll Now »



beginner. will use information to become senior beginner(smile)!


How much yarn would each round use? – or how can you work it out? Great tutorial!

Patricia Henderson

Hi – I want to make an afghan (about 60 x 60) in the basic Granny Square pattern. I simply cannot work our how many balls of 100 gram yarn I would need in each colour. I am getting desperate and would very much appreciate it if you could advise me………Thank You……..Patricia


Ask at the craft store where you buy yarn.

Karin Schoeman

Thanks to this tutorial, I can now crochet. I started in April 2015 and have completed 4 baby blankets and 5 knee blankets already.

Cidalia Barros

everithing very nice crochet knthing

Farrokh salehi

Thanks alot.I always wanted to know how to crochet a granny square. So helpful for beginners.


Thank you so much! A lot of crochet tutorials and patterns skip basic descriptions that are assumed knowledge from the experienced person teaching newbies. I’m a beginner so I forget things as simple as a slip stitch at the end of a round. This was the best description I’ve found in months while recently trying to teach myself how to crochet. Awesome job! Thank you!


I really love this granny square “tutorial” because it taught me how to finish a row and how to tie the knot at the end!


After years of struggling with the blasted granny square I had all but given up hope on ever mastering it. I watched tutorials on YouTube, looked up “easy” beginner patterns, and still struggled. I honestly didn’t think this article would help either because at first glance it looks somewhat vague, but to my glorious surprise I was FINALLY able to complete my first square and I am beyond excited. Thank you so much for this very clear and simple strategy.


I am looking for the very simple granny square ,that has a simple flower in the middle,can you please help me ?
I had it once,but can not find it again.


Thank you very much,I really appreciate your help !


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