2015 Craftsy Blogger Awards: Announcing our Knitting and Crochet Finalists!

Wow! We’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of nominations we received for our (and your) beloved bloggers. The exciting second round of the 2015 Craftsy Blogger Awards is kicking off and four lucky bloggers for each award in the knitting and crochet categories are listed below.

Update: Thank you to all who voted for your favorite knitting and crocheting blogs! The polls are now closed. Be sure to check back on the Craftsy blog on Friday, January 30th to find out the winners!

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Congratulations to all the finalists!

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Susan Smith

Really love Crochet Crowd and admire and in awe of the work that goes into it on daily full time basis. Also love the Repeat Crafter Me designs as well. Need a second place award here please!

edwina umbers

I really enjoy following Mikey and Diva Dan on The Crochet Crowd. I’ve told lots of my crocheting friends their group is the go to place when you get stuck.


Never was able to crochet because I am left-handed. But watching Mikey on Utube was incredible. I am now a crocheting machine (according to my granddaughters). The Crochet Crowd is the best. Though I do like to check into Repeat Crafter Me.

Jackie Caygle

I love the Crochet Crowd I have learned a great deal from watching Mikey. He is a great teacher and his head as well as his heart is in everything he does Thank you Mikey. He has a great crew who also put in time and a great deal of heart into what they do. Of, course , I have to mention Diva Dan he a hoot.. They are well matched in their creativy

Joyce Gonzales

Good luck to The Crochet Crowd…you all have kept the art alive!


The Crochet Crowd.. the best group around.

Beth Christopher

I love the crochet crowd. I have learned so much from them. Their videos are awesome and they are great teachers. Thank you!

Robin Bochert

I love the crochet crowd I have learned so much from them and it’s very exciting to see all the new stuff they have for us thank you crochet crowd for having me

Linda Acres

Love the crochet crowd, they do awesome work and they are always coming up with something to keep crocheting fun and exciting! I had the pleasure of meeting Mikey and diva Dan in person at the Washington NC yarn tent sale and that was a blast….. Hope to go again this year! So thanks to the crochet crowd for
begin so awesome at what you do!

Diane Chicklo

I with everyone Luv The Crochet Crowd.

Carla LaBombard

Crochet crowd is the Best!!!!!!!!!Mickey’s tutorials are Amazing & are very helpful. I love all the posts and finished works of crocheted art!! Very inspiring… They just have to win ….

Joyce Weaver

Crochet Crowd for me to. Mickey’s tutorials are great and he is a great teacher. I really hope they win.

BJ Chinn

Mikey from the Crochet Crowd has inspired me to try dozens of projects I thought were too complicated.

Debbie Davidson

I love the crochet crowd and all the crafting clubs on here. Thanks a bunch for putting all this out here for all of us to see and do.


The Crochet Crowd with Mikey is the best place to learn and have fun.

Sharon Chowns

The crochet crowd is a great tutorial site


The Crochet Crowd is the BEST!!!!! Hope you win Mikey & Diva Dan…..<3

Jackie Anderson

Crochet Crowd is the best

Annabelle Arrieta

I love The Crochet Crowd! I have learned so much from Mikey’s crochet tutorials.


I love the Crochet Crowd! Mikey ‘s
Tutorials are great. I have learned so much from him. He explains every
detail and goes at a pace that is easy to follow. Behind every good crocheter is a great foundation! Mikey and Diva Dan are wonderful!

Joan Miller

Haven’t been with CrochetCrowd very long, but I love their patterns. Have made several already.


Crochet Crowd is the very best. Mickey, along with his team, take the time to truly teach us how to create masterpieces.

Julia Oswald

Mickey, you and the crochet crowd are the bessstttt
Now I crochet more than ever because of You ,your videos are the
Besttttt , I love them! And I have to say you have a veryyyyy good team
And Diva Dan too, he is wonderful !! Viva the crochet crowd , viva !!!

Lelia Browning

I enjoy and have learned so much with Mikey on The crochet crowd. very helpful

Lelia Browning

Have learned and enjoyed ” The Crochet Crowd ” with Mikey, love how the great tutorials are also, Makes you want to do more, very educational


Love The Crochet Crowd, Mike and Dan provide all the inspiration and how to that I need, and for what I read, it’s not just me, everybody love them!!

Tina Bryant

LOVE The Crochet Crowd and Mikey is the bomb! His dedication and love of the work he does shows and he does a fabulous job at what he does! Keep up the great work and best of luck!

gina lease

do love the crochet crowd!!!! love their tutorials as well, very easy to follow and so helpful. Makes crocheting fun


I must say that the result of knitting blogs are completely honest. These blogs covers every details of knitting needle, knitting accessories and stuff related to knitting pattern and knitting tutorials.
Love the blogs

Congrats to Craftsy team as well for the hardwork !!


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