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Sweet Temptation: 5 Fabulous Modeling Chocolate Decorations

Modeling chocolate is by far one of the best and most delicious mediums to work with in the world of cake decorating. We absolutely love using it. It's durable, tasty, malleable and it keeps shape so well.

Plus, modeling chocolate makes the perfect material for any edible decoration, but it's particularly handy for designs that need a little stability and strength such as super large roses, figures, characters, nature-inspired pieces and trickier works.

Get inspired with our top five fabulous chocolate decoration ideas — perfect for your next sweet project!

Antique teddy bear topper by Juniper Cakery

Photo via Juniper Cakery

Antique-inspired teddy bear cupcake topper

We created this adorably sweet antique-inspired teddy bear entirely out of modeling chocolate, which was excellent for the stiff look of the bear's slightly curved arms. Why not try out the free modeling chocolate for cupcakes tutorial to learn how to make your own vintage-inspired teddy! If you're creating figures modeling chocolate is, of course, a fabulous material to utilise. One of the wonderful things about it is that you can add color to white chocolate or hand paint finished work with cocoa butter-based food color paints!

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Easter floral basket cupcake topper by Juniper Cakery

Photo via Juniper Cakery

Easter basket cupcake topper

Modeling chocolate keeps shape so well that it is especially handy to use with thinner pieces that need to hold a position that would, otherwise, be pretty darn tricky! To create the floral basket cupcake topper above for an Easter cupcake design we created the basket itself from modeling chocolate and twisted thin ropes of the material to form the handle. Modeling chocolate seems rather stiff and stubborn to begin with, but once you knead and work it you'll be absolutely amazed just how workable it is!

Modeling chocolate rose
Photo via Craftsy member Bobert

Modeling chocolate rose with leaves and ladybug

For fuller blooms and larger flowers modeling chocolate is amazing! We love this large blooming rose created with tinted white modeling chocolate. The lightly ruffled leaves and the adorable addition of the tiny ladybug really adds some fun to this edible cake decoration!

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Modeling chocolate burlap bow cake

Photo via Craftsy instructor Rachael Teufel

Rustic burlap bow cake

The stiffness and durability of modeling chocolate makes it insanely perfect for creating impressive bows including this stunningly rustic and sweet burlap centerpiece! One thing we love about working with modeling chocolate is that we generally don't need to pad out layers of florals or bows with wads upon wads of kitchen paper towels or saran wrap!

Sea urchin cake decorations

Photo via Craftsy instructor Paul Bradford

Sea urchin cake decorations

Creating more quirky and eye-catching edible decorations is made all the more easier with modeling chocolate. Why not create delicious chocolate wrap cakes adorned with tasty chocolate decorations like the sea-themed cake above. We love the vibrant little sea urchins that playfully poke out of the white chocolate coral!

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With so many fabulous uses for modeling chocolate combined with its durability and versatility why not experiment with this wonderful medium!

What's your favorite way to work with modeling chocolate?

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