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You Know You’re a Gardener When…

There are a few surefire signs that you are a serious gardener. Perhaps your garden is neater than your home? Or maybe you spend more money on mulch in a week than you do on a month of groceries. Don’t shy from your love for flora and fauna! Tell the world about your plant-loving ways!

We asked fans of Craftsy’s Facebook Gardening Club to fill in the blank:

Fill in the blank: You know you're a gardener when...

See our favorite responses below!

Bring on the flower power and showcase your love for Mother Nature with 4 sharable “You know you’re a gardener when…” quotes. 

You know you're a gardener when you're found weeding the local park You know you're a gardener when dirt under your nails replaces a french manicure

You know you're a gardener when you version of "selfies" are pictures of your plants

You know you're a gardener when everything you see becomes a planter

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Cynthia Stanley

You know you are a gardner when you give direction by gardens along the way.

kate Bingham

your outside in your housecoat and slippers, and dusk is approaching, weeding and happily talking to your plant’s.


When,every time you go somewhere or someone’s house you have to get a start off a plant !!!other seeds!


You know you’re a gardener when you go out to collect the mail and end up deadheading the lavender next to the mailbox

Donna OBrien

You know your a gardener when you wake up thinking your next step to gardening, like pulling weeds, watering, & you go into your own lttl world of calmness thinking how close you are to God’s creation! Love of gardening was passed down to me by my Mother, now I know her secret to happiness!


You know you’re a gardener when you take cuttings from plants in Lowe’s/Home Depot/your local nursery.


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