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Sewing Patterns You Can Make With 1 Yard (or Less!) of Fabric

I’d be willing to bet that at least half my fabric stash is made up of little one-yard pieces of fabric. Most of the sewing projects I have in mind — dresses, skirts, bags — require way more than one yard, so I’m not sure what to do with all those smaller pieces. Are you in the same boat? Let’s de-stash together!

Snag one of these Craftsy one-yard sewing patterns and watch that stash disappear!

Cloud pillow sewing pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Kikoi

Cloud Pillow

Don’t limit yourself to white fabric when it comes to this pillow. Get inspired by what’s in your stash. How about a light blue cloud?

Get the Cloud Pillow pattern here.

Mini Peter Pan collar sewing pattern
Photo via Craftsy member acommonthread

Mini Peter Pan Collar

Here’s a way to use up scrap fabric and scrap ribbon. Layer this Peter Pan collar over anything from a tee shirt to a dress. The pattern is also a great chance to practice your slip-stitch handstitch.

Get the Mini Peter Pan Collar pattern here.

Sew your own infinity scarf pattern

Photo via Craftsy memberericab_st2552158

Mustache Infinity Scarf

You’ll need exactly one yard of fabric to make this simple infinity scarf. Go with a cool print like the mustaches pictured here or just use a solid color. They make great gifts, too!

Get the Mustache Infinity Scarf pattern here.

Free bow tie sewing pattern

Photo via Craftsy member see kate sew

Bow Tie

Depending on who you’re making this bow tie for, you could potentially get several bow ties out of one yard of fabric. Craftsy member see kate sew is sharing the pattern plus a step-by-step tutorial for free!

Get the FREE Bow Tie pattern here.

Birthday pennant flags sewing pattern

Photo via Craftsy memberKikoi

Birthday Pennant Flags

Whether you’re decorating for a party or looking for a year-round decoration for your home, these pennant flags will do the trick! Make each pennant from the same yard of fabric, or use several scraps of fabric to vary the colors and patterns.

Get the Birthday Pennant Flags pattern here.

Stretch knit headband sewing pattern

Photo via Craftsy memberRadiant Home

Stretch Knit Headband

Don’t have enough of that knit fabric to make a garment? Try a headband instead! These headbands have a neat finish thanks to concealed elastic in the back. The instructions also help you customize the size so that you can sew a headband for almost anyone.

Want to make your stretch knit headband look even neater? Use a serger on that knit fabric! Enroll in Beginner Serging with Amy Alan to learn all the tricks for operating your serger.

Get the FREE Stretch Knit Headband pattern here.
Lace wrist corset cuffs sewing pattern

Photo via Craftsy memberLittleSparrowNest

Lace Wrist Corset Cuffs

I often use my small amounts of lace for embellishments, so I love that this pattern lets me use lace as the main fabric. Half a yard of lace will make two sets of cuffs, so consider giving one set to a friend. You’ll also get some experience setting eyelets to make the corset parts of the cuffs.

Get the Lace Wrist Corset Cuffs pattern here.

iPad case sewing pattern

Photo via Craftsy memberSherri Noel

iPad Case

This iPad case only requires half a yard of fabric, plus some batting to keep your iPad safe and secure. There are even two front pockets built in to help you keep track of all those annoying cords and other accessories.

Get the iPad Case pattern here.

What kinds of projects do you sew with just one yard of fabric?

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Bags–shoe bags for when you travel, gift bags, bags for kids–to hold legos, marbles, crayons, and other treasures, tote bags, shopping bags, make-up bags. Napkins, aprons.


And don’t forget circle skirts (with or without zippers) and toddler backpacks!


And pillow cases/shams, or just plain ol’ decorative pillows.


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