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Now Introducing: A Paper Crafts Kit + Exclusive FREE Video Lessons from Craftsy

Don't you love getting new paper crafts goodies? There are few things more exciting than to see all the new, amazing papers, embellishments, stencils and more out in the world, just waiting for us to personalize them with our creative mark.

But with so many to choose from, sometimes it's tricky to select the ones that best complement each other, transforming random supplies into a polished finished project. That's why we compiled the perfect mix for you!

Perfect mix of fresh scrapbook supplies — Paper craft kits from Craftsy!

Check out our newest paper crafts offering: A carefully curated kit + exclusive FREE video lessons to make all your paper dreams a reality!

These are more than just supply kits. We paired our expertly curated kits with FREE video lessons from acclaimed paper crafts instructors. From new techniques you can use again and again, to themed projects you'll love for holidays and birthdays, we'll be releasing kits paired with unique video lessons that help you do it all!

It's the best of both worlds — get new supplies and learn new skills to make inspiring projects — all bundled together in one great offering.

"Breaking the Rules" Scrapbook page

"Break the Rules" scrapbook page via Craftsy instructor Ronda Palazzari in Artful Layering: Stencils, Ink & Embellishments

Want to learn more? Here's what you'll find!

What is a kit + video lessons?

Video lessons paired with a curated kit is a brand-new Craftsy offering. Purchase an exclusively matched kit featuring a variety of paper craft supplies, and you’ll also get instant access to video instruction, so you can put your kit to use with helpful techniques. But, you have to purchase the kit in order to unlock the lessons; lessons will not be sold separately.

How do I start the lessons?

You can begin your online class whenever you're ready! These exclusive HD lessons are available online with unlimited anytime, anywhere access once you purchase this offering. Your kit will take some time to arrive (see shipping details with your order), but go ahead and jump into your video lessons right away!

"Remember This" Scrapbook page

"Remember This" scrapbook page via Craftsy instructor Ronda Palazzari in Artful Layering: Stencils, Ink & Embellishments

How long will I have access to the lessons?

Forever! Your class access will never expire. Just like with other online classes from Craftsy, you can return to your online lessons again and again. Long after you use up the items in the kit, you can still turn back to your online lessons and continue to make paper projects using your personal stash.

What if I have questions?

When you watch your classes on the video platform, you'll see an option to ask questions and join in on discussion with your fellow students.

Ready to get started? Check out our first kit + exclusive FREE video lessons here!

Artful Layering: Kit + Exclusive FREE Video Lessons on Craftsy

Artful Layering: Stencils, Ink & Embellishments

Learn to expertly layer your way from blank paper to finishing touches for scrapbook pages that inspire! With your purchase, you'll get an exciting kit, including beautiful stencils, a ranger ink distress mini-kit (designed by Tim Holtz) and an ink blending tool! Then, join Craftsy instructor Ronda Palazzari for easy-to-follow video instruction on masking, inking layers and more that you can't find anywhere else!

Get the Kit + Video Lessons here!

What do you love most about buying new supplies? Share with us in the comments section!

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