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Enter the #ShowUsYourHands Contest!

Show us your hands! Whether smooth and delicate or weather-beaten and stained, hands have captivated artists for centuries. When captured correctly, they convey an overwhelming sense of humanity and provide commentary on who exactly the subject is.

It’s time to put your hands to work and create artwork that captures the movement and energy of the human form—specifically, hands! Draw inspiration from a picture, ask a loved one to pose or capture the hands of the little one in your life. We want to see the hands that matter to you!

Announcing Craftsy's #ShowUsYourHands Contest — Two Weeks Only!

Craftsy's #ShowUsYourHands Contest

How to enter:

Create your very own masterpiece featuring hands and upload it to your project page with the title “#ShowUsYourHands” before August 17, 2014 at midnight MT. A panel of Craftsy’s fine art experts will select their favorite works to be featured on the Craftsy blog, including one lucky first place winner, who will be awarded a Craftsy class of their choice.

What types of works can I submit?

Create your work using whatever medium you prefer: pen, ink, graphite, charcoal… the choice is up to you! We only request that you submit a handmade work of art, not a photo.

Need a hand with your...hands?

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  • STEP 1: Click the Submit Project button below.
  • STEP 2: Log in to your Craftsy account (or create an account — it’s free and easy!)
  • STEP 3: Select the “Drawing” category for your project.
  • STEP 4: Title your project “#ShowUsYourHands” (IMPORTANT: PLEASE BE SURE TO PUT “#ShowUsYourHands” IN THE TITLE OF YOUR PROJECT.)
  • STEP 5: Optional: If your hands piece was inspired by a Craftsy class, then select that class. If not, skip this step!
  • STEP 6: Add a bit of info about the project.
  • STEP 7: Upload your project photo (or photos). And, you’re done!
  • SUBMISSIONS DUE: August 17, 2014 at midnight MT. Limited to one entry per contestant.

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Looking for some inspiration before getting started?

Check out these amazing hands by artists from the Craftsy community!

Hands Contest

Graphite drawing via Craftsy member AWilsonPortrait

Working Hands: Sewing Hands was created with graphite on bristol board. This realist-style drawing is part of a series that explores individuals at rest, work and play.

Hands in Action Drawing

Graphite drawing by Craftsy member rothima Dasannacharya

Fascinated by this weather-beaten face, artist Rothima captured this beautiful moment.

Hands in Pool Drawing

Graphite drawing by Craftsy member Jorge De La Cruz

Wow! Using pencils from 7H to 9B and a moldable eraser, Craftsy member Jorge De La Cruz created a stunning drawing with proportion, balance and depth.

Hand Study

Mixed media via Craftsy member DBL Laura 1

Hand Study was created using colored paper, color pencils and ink.

Celebrate Spring

Mixed Media via Craftsy member Ellydevs

Celebrate Spring was created using soft pastels, charcoal, pencil and pen. The artist used digital media for touch-ups.

Rose in Hands Drawing

Drawing via Craftsy member Phenomenal93

A Rose for my Lady is a realist drawing.

Variety of Hands Drawing

Graphite drawing via Craftsy member ryaniw34

Graphite Hand Studies was created in the online Craftsy class, Figure Anatomy for the Artist, using graphite on white paper and a kneaded eraser.

Want a chance to have your work featured on the Craftsy blog, and to win a free Craftsy drawing or painting class of your choice? Upload your hands art (created with your own two hands and of hands!) to your project page with the title "#ShowUsYourHands" to be entered automatically now!

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What part of the human anatomy do you find most difficult to draw?

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