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Announcing the Winner of the #MyCraftsySelfie Self-Portrait Contest!

This June, we challenged our phenomenal fine art members to a contest: Transform the ubiquitous smartphone selfie into gallery-worthy fine art. And, my did you all ever rise to the challenge! The #MyCraftsySelfie Portrait Contest filled the project pages with stunning drawn, painted and pieced self-portraits. While some entries made us smile and others made us stop and think, all the entries shared one commonality — reminding us that this artistic community is capable of such incredible and creative things!

#MyCraftsySelfie Contest

With all the phenomenal entries, choosing a winner was no easy task. However, one portrait seemed to embody all we could hope for when beginning this contest. Ready for the reveal?

The Winner for the 2014 #MyCraftsySelfie Contest

#MyCraftsySelfie Self-Portrait Contest Winner on the Craftsy Blog!

This self-portrait from Craftsy member tomlepora was a standout piece.

Here's what the artist had to say about the inspiration for his winning self-portrait: "I sat wondering what to do, feeling the pressures of life and thinking of ways to get out of this horrible mess. In front of me, I had a pen, paper and my reflection."

Utilizing both the physical and emotional, he was able to translate the complexity of personal reflection in a stunning pen & ink drawing. We applaud your openness and boldness in creating a self-portrait that shares more with the viewer than your outward appearance.

Way to go, tomlepora! We'll be reaching out to you soon regarding your prize: a $50 Dick Blick gift card and a FREE Craftsy class!

Honorable mention:

Realist Oil Paint Self-Portrait

Via Craftsy member LiamDickinson

Cowboy hat self-portrait drawing on Craftsy

Via Craftsy member hjc-w

All Day I Dream About Toys

Via Craftsy member JessieVirginia

Acrylic and Mixed Media Self Portrait on Craftsy

Via Craftsy member ebuchmann

Graphite drawn self-portrait on

Via Craftsy member chazking

Wintertime Self-Portrait

Via Craftsy member luciasolo

Graphite realist self portrait

Via Craftsy member Antsa V. Ranarivelo

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Thanks to all who entered and special congrats to our winner!

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