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Giveaway! Win Expert Patrick Connors’ Class and Artwork

Enter our special Craftsy blog giveaway for your chance to win a collection of notecards featuring artist and Craftsy instructor Patrick Connors' original work. Plus, our winner will also receive Patrick's online Craftsy class, Perspective in Landscape Drawing (a $39.99 value). Just enter by August 11, 2014 at midnight MT.

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Craftsy Drawing Perspective Giveaway

In the notecards featuring Patrick's original work, you'll find landscapes that reflect an exceptional knowledge of and talent for perspective. In Patrick's class, you'll discover a new understanding of perspective to create captivating, realistic landscape drawings.

Sign up for Perspective in Landscape Drawing, and express your unique vision of landscapes as you learn these time-honored secrets. If you win the giveaway, we'll refund the cost of the class!

Here's what Craftsy Members are saying about Patrick's class:

"Patrick is a wonderful teacher, his explanations and tools have given me a new understanding of perspective and space and I cant wait to try some new drawings with this information. Thanks for such an informative class! And in helping me look at things in a new way!"

"A big part of the class' value is a result of the level of involvement Patrick invests in his students. He says right from the start that he has designed it as an atelier type experience, in other words, everyone learns from everyone. Patrick takes time, care and much thought in his answers to questions as well as his critiques. And he critiques *every* work that is posted! He is professional in his approach, never says anything is "good" or "bad," rather explains what might be improved and always recognizes that one person's goal may not be the same as another's. He offers great tips and techniques for improving one's skill. I am very impressed, and recommend this class most highly!"

Painting of Falls Bridge in Philadelphia

What you should know about Patrick:

Patrick Connors began drawing at an early age, and by age 15 years, he was working as an apprentice printmaker in the Smithsonian Museum. He went on to train under renowned painter Arthur DeCosta at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1980, Patrick graduated from the academy, and went on a "Grand Tour" of Europe with another alumni. In Patrick's words, "It's hard to express how critical this experience was to my awareness and appreciation for art. As we traveled from one country to the next, it seemed to be one staggering encounter after another. It confirmed for me the richness and variety of aesthetics that derived from Renaissance Art. The European experience has remained with me and has been an impetus for my own teachings in Rome."

After Europe, Patrick attended the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1982. Out on his own, he started working in jobs that permitted him to paint during the day. It was an exhausting period of Patrick's life, but one with great reward — he was creating art.

1996 was a watershed year for Patrick with three major career events: Hosting a solo exhibition of his work at Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia, being hired by the New York Academy of Art graduate school, Manhattan, to teach linear perspective, and giving two lectures on the rowing paintings of Thomas Eakins at Yale University Art Gallery.

Still Life by Patrick Connors

Since then, Patrick has taught at Studio Incamminati, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art: Beaux-Arts Atelier and Rome Programs. Patrick continues to work as an artist, with works exhibited across the country and internationally.

So what's the key to retaining and expanding one's artistic prowess? According to Patrick, "Over the past 20 years the most important part of my artistic development remains the frequent re-immersion into the basics of drawing, linear perspective, and pictorial structures of chiaroscuro, composition, and chroma. This seemingly paradoxical return to the basics as a mature artist have given me a means of not only accuracy but one for expression that reflects deeper on the nature of humanity."

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The deadline to enter is August 11, 2014 at midnight MT. We'll randomly select a winner who will be notified via email.

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