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Giveaway! Win Expert Gary Faigin’s Book and Craftsy Class

Enter our special Craftsy blog giveaway today! Don’t let a drawing you’ve spent valuable time and energy on fall flat because the facial features aren’t just right.

Craftsy instructor Gary Faigin is a renowned artist and expert in the art of the facial expression — so much so that he literally wrote the book on it. The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression is now in its 17th printing and is published in six languages. This is your chance to win both Gary's book and his online Craftsy class Drawing Facial Features, a $45 value combined!

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Gary Faigin Craftsy Class Plus Book Giveaway

Gary Faigin's book:

This comprehensive, must-have guide is used by artists, actors, plastic surgeons and even by digital animators in films like Shrek. Enter our giveaway to win this illustrated guide and elevate your work with techniques and tips for drawing more realistic, energetic portraits. Develop an understanding of the human skull and how it impacts your drawing—or should. Then, Gary takes you on an exploration of the six basic human emotions: sadness, anger, joy, fear, disgust and surprise. Learn how to draw musculature for each of these expressions in varying stages of intensity, to create portraits that reflect real emotion and likeness.

Gary Faigin's class:

Want to start improving your work today? Sign up for Gary’s online Craftsy class, Drawing Facial Features, and get instant access to lessons that help you to understand the fundamental form of the skull, draw lively eyes and an authentic smile, transform your portrait from flat to fully dimensional and so much more! Plus, Gary will answer any questions you have throughout your class. If you win the giveaway, we'll refund the cost of the class.

Here's what Craftsy members are saying about Gary's class:

"I am so lucky to have this class available as a beginner portrait artist and not to have wasted many years looking at the face as someone's features without knowledge of effects of the skull. Gary is a teacher who provides details with simple explanations that anyone can follow -- even me!" -Craftsy member nopro

"This class is the best I have ever had. Especially the eye. I've learned a great deal from Gary's class." -Craftsy member Kathleen McGoldrick

Grey Matter by Gary Faigin"Grey Matter" by Gary Faigin

What you should know about Gary:

As a college student during the Vietnam War, Faigin dropped out of the Residential College at the University of Michigan to travel to San Francisco to participate in the communal movement, at its high point in the early 1970s. In 1976, determined to train as a realist artist, he hitchhiked from the West Coast to New York City specifically to study with famed anatomist, Robert Beverly Hale, at the Art Students League of New York.

Upon the retirement of Hale in 1983, Faigin was asked to teach his Figure Drawing class at the League, a program he presented continuously over the next decade. Concurrently, he taught Perspective and Portrait Drawing at the newly founded New York Academy of Art, the National Academy School of Design, the School of Visual Art and Parsons School of Design. He opened his own studio in Hells Kitchen and began personal work focused on self-portraits and still lifes.

In 1989, Faigin and his wife decided to open a summer art school in Santa Fe; the next summer saw the launch of the “Academy of Realist Art” at St. John’s College with two sessions and 44 students. That school grew into the current year-round Gage Academy of Art in Seattle. Faigin currently serves as Artistic Director of Gage, as well as leading annual Gage art tours to European and American museums, and teaching painting and drawing. In 1990, Faigin's The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression was published.

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Enter for your chance to win Gary Faigin's revered book and his online Craftsy class by Sunday, July 27, 2014, at midnight MT. We’ll randomly select our winner on July 28, 2014 and we will notify him/her via email.

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