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Enter to Win the #CraftsyCityscape Contest!

For a resident, a city or town can have memories and meaning at every turn. And for the traveler, each bend and overlook are a beginning, an exploration of somewhere entirely new. Whether seen just once, or thousands of times, cityscapes can mean far more to us than the sum of the materials they were built from.

Refine your skills as you share your perspective in a cityscape drawing that captures not only what you saw, but what you felt. Your cityscape can feature any part of any place, from a view of your home to your town’s main strip or your favorite vacation spot.

Ben Image

Pencil drawing via Ben Sack Art

Announcing the #CraftsyCityscape Contest — One Week Only!

How to Enter:

Create your own cityscape, real or imagined, and upload it to your project page with the title “#CraftsyCityscape”. Create your cityscape in graphite, charcoal, carbon or any medium you prefer. We only ask that your cityscape be a handmade work of art, not a photo.

The prize:

A panel of Craftsy’s art experts will select their favorite works to be featured on the Craftsy blog, including one lucky first place winner, who will be awarded a free Craftsy online drawing class or painting class of their choice.


  • STEP 1: Click the Submit Project button below.
  • STEP 2: Log in to your Craftsy account (or create an account — it’s free and easy!)
  • STEP 3: Select the category for your project.
  • STEP 4: Title your project “#CraftsyCityscape” (IMPORTANT: PLEASE BE SURE TO PUT “#CraftsyCityscape” IN THE TITLE OF YOUR PROJECT.)
  • STEP 5: Optional: If your cityscape was inspired by a Craftsy class, then select that class. If not, skip this step!
  • STEP 6: Add a bit of information about the project.
  • STEP 7: Upload your project photo (or photos). And, you’re done!
  • SUBMISSIONS DUE: By 11:59 MT on July 26, 2014. 

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Need some #CraftsyCityscape inspiration?

Check out these spectacular cityscapes by artists and the Craftsy community.

Perspective Drawing

Graphite pencil drawing via Craftsy member russellho0

The spectacular depth of this scene and detailed reflection of the bridge on the water make this drawing nothing short of captivating. The tree and church spire peeking out from behind the bridge creates a powerful illusion of distance.

Bridge Stroll

Graphite pencil drawing via Craftsy member ruka

We love the way this drawing captures Tudor-style architecture’s iconic half-timbering. If you look closely, you’ll see two figures standing on the bridge that stretches across the water.


Illustration via Craftsy instructor Paul Heaston 

In this urban drawing we’re struck by decay in the two closest buildings. The crane putting the finishing touches on a new building at the far end of this sprawling scene gives us an interesting look into the cycles that cities go through as they grow.

Denver Drawing

Illustration via Craftsy instructor Paul Heaston 

As sprawling as this cityscape is, it produces a sense of calm that really makes it stand out from other urban depictions.

Cityscape by Ben

Pencil drawing via Ben Sack Art

In this extraordinary illustration, a world grows from beneath the foot of the largest and most ornate building in the piece. The low eye-level line only enhances the sprawling feeling of the outstretched city that lies beyond.

House Perspective

Graphite illustration via Craftsy instructor Jeff DiCicco

This fully-dimensional drawing of a home’s exterior almost pops off the page!

Want a chance to have your work featured on the Craftsy blog, and to win a free Craftsy class of your choice? Upload your urban-inspired art to your project page with the title “#CraftsyCityscape” to be entered automatically now!

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