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Celebrate Knit in Public Week With 6 Perfectly Portable Projects!

Yesterday marked the official start of World Wide Knit in Public Week (WWKIPW)! To celebrate, we shared some helpful tips for knitting in public. Today, we wanted to share some portable projects that are simple to pack and carry with you so you can knit in public any time — not just for WWKIPW!

Try one of these 6 portable patterns to take your passion for knitting anywhere and everywhere!

Radishes and rosebuds knitted head kerchief

Photo via Craftsy member MegRoke

Radishes and rosebuds kerchief

Knitting this kerchief, as far as construction goes, is a lot like knitting a shawl — without all the extra weight to carry around. When you finish the actual kerchief, you'll find the little duplicate-stitch dots are simple to construct while holding the kerchief in your lap.

Get the radishes and rosebuds kerchief pattern here.
Knitted fingerless mirri mitts

Photo via Craftsy member ambah obrien

Mirri mitts

Fingerless mittens are a great choice for knitting in public because you don't have to deal with all those double-pointed needles slipping around on the fingers. If you fall in love with the design of these, there's plenty more where this came from: Designer ambah obrien also designed a matching Mirri Cowl and Mirri Hat. Because of their small sizes, anything in the set would be ideal for knitting in public.

Get the Mirri mitts pattern here.
Knitted cuff

Photo via Craftsy member Lana Moore

Cuff with a twist (of wire)

I'm crazy about designer Lana Moore's genius method of closure for this bracelet. You'll memorize this simple design in no time, making it a breeze to knit in public. You might want to save the finishing for a quieter time, so that you can focus on placing that spiral just right. And did I mention that this pattern is free? Nothing to lose here, knitters!

Get the FREE cuff with a twist (of wire) pattern here.
Knitted snail pin brooch

Photo via Craftsy member vcatherall

Snail brooch

Stash those little bits of scrap fabric into your tote and bring them along for the ride to knit this cute little snail. You could bust out a couple of these in under an hour, making them ideal for gifts. Since the pattern download is free and you can use yarn scraps, it's practically free to knit it up for all your friends.

Get the FREE snail brooch pattern here.
Itty bitty sock yarn bits knitted blanket

Photo via Craftsy member TreasureGoddess 

Itty-bitty sock yarn bits blanket

I'm sure you saw the word "blanket" and thought, is she nuts? I don't want to knit a blanket in public! Hear me out: This blanket is made up of smaller blocks that are seamed together to form the blanket. What better project to knit in public that one that's just straight-up garter or stockinette stitch? Work on the individual blocks, then do all the seaming at home where you have more room to spread out and store the in-progress blanket.

Get the itty-bitty sock yarn bits blanket pattern here.
Knitted rainbow of coasters

Photo via Craftsy member anna_rave

Rainbow coasters

This pattern meets two of my on-the-go knitting requirements. Not only is it small and easy to carry, it also has a pattern repeat, which means I won't have to constantly refer to a pattern while knitting. You'll memorize this design in no time, too. Designer anna_rave suggests starching them when you're finished, but you can save that step for home.

Get the rainbow coasters pattern here.

Looking for more knitting patterns that are great for knitting in public? Check out 5 knitting patterns to take to your knitting group and you can gab while you knit without ripping out the entire project when you get home.

Then, download the Craftsy Apple App to take your favorite Craftsy knitting class with you on-the-go. No WiFi required!

Are you participating in World Wide Knit in Public Week this year? What are you going to knit? Upload your public knitting project with the hashtag #CraftsyKIP to show off your work!

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