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Photo of the Week: Variations in Landscape

Outdoor lighting can be challenging, but Craftsy member Huntergl managed to get it just right in this image from his collection "Variations in Landscape." Variations in Landscape: Scene Along a Riverbank

Photo via Craftsy member Huntergl

Featured member photo: scenes along a riverbank

Taken using an Olympus E-3 with a 12-60mm lens (a Canon 6D with A24-105mm was used for the other shots in the collection), this photo's lighting and composition are spot on. The river bank is captured perfectly with a leading line that guides the viewer's eye deeper into the photo, adding both depth and visual interest. Be sure to check out Huntergl's entire collection "Variations in Landscape" here. Shot as a part of the Craftsy class Landscape Photography: Shooting from Dawn to Dusk, this image demonstrates how instructor Rick Sammon teaches students the technical and artistic skills necessary for creating captivating landscape photos.

More about Member Photo of the Week

Each and every week, we feature a Craftsy member's photo to highlight the hard work and learning that goes on in our photography community. We aim to feature not only a member's work, but also to inspire you to continue improving your photography techniques and skill set! You can find even more inspiration by checking out all the previously featured photos. Then, showcase your own work by uploading a photo to the photography project page. You never know, it could be featured in an upcoming Photo of the Week!

How do you like to incorporate leading lines into your landscape photography?

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