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Photo of the Week: Butterfly in a Garden

Macro photography is such a amazing, somewhat oxymoronic technique — allowing photographers to capture life's small things in big ways. For example, in today's featured photo of the week from Craftsy member heikehst, the use of macro photography captured one of nature's most delicate, elusive and beautiful little creatures with substantial focus and detail. It makes this tiny butterfly seem larger than life.

Member photo: Up close image of a butterfly

"Schmetterling" via Craftsy member heikehst 

Featured member photo: macro photography butterfly

Anyone who ever chased a butterfly as a child can appreciate how tricky this shot probably was to get. These tiny insects seem to flutter quickly away at even the gentlest of breezes. Nevertheless, heikehst manage to snag an image of this brightly colored bug with amazing focus and frame.

Click here to check out the entire collection of butterfly frames from the project page.

Want to learn more about photographing insects? Check out Craftsy's newest photography class Macro Photography: Insects for an up close experience taking images of the world's tiniest lifeforms. Then upload your images to the project page for a chance to be featured on our next photo of the week!

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