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Have a Hoot! Fun With Owl Embroidery Patterns

Have you noticed an abundance of owl-themed designs of late? From embroidered purses to tea towels, it seems as if everywhere you look, you see owl motifs. How did they get so trendy? Some sources credited film series like Harry Potter or Legend of the Guardians. Others believe it is just another reoccurring trend, as owls were highly popular during the 1970s. However it happened, owl-patterns are all the rage, so we rounded up some fun and trendy owl embroidery patterns you’re sure to love!

Machine Embroidery Owl Zipper Cases by EmbGarden

 Owl Zipper Case by Craftsy member EmbGarden

Who knew owls would be so popular?

Craftsy member EmbGarden says owl designs had a following from the very first time she stitched one, “I made my first owl design (the above featured Owl Zipper Case) back in 2007 or 2008. It was a huge seller for me. People started requesting more in the hoop owl designs. Whenever I came up with a new design idea, I would always think how I could make it into an owl or owl-related item. I get several emails a month from people wanting more owls.”

Get the Machine Embroidery Owl Zipper Case pattern here.

Owl chap stick holder and glasses case by EmbGarden

In the Hoop Chapstick Holder and In the Hoop Glasses Cases by Craftsy member EmbGarden

Functional machine embroidery designs

EmbGarden has designed an extensive selection of machine embroidery patterns using the owl motif. I love the In the Hoop Chapstick holder, perfect for a keychain or child’s backpack. The owl In the Hoop Glasses case would be a fun project for teaching a beginner.

Get the In the Hoop Chapstick Holder pattern here.
Get the In the Hoop Glasses Case pattern here.

machine embroidery in the hoop owl sewing kit and crochet holder

Owl Sewing Kit and Owl Crochet Hook Holder by Craftsy member EmbGarden

Here more advance Owl Sewing Kit and Owl Crochet Hook Holder are a great project to add a little organization to your life, or give them as a gift to a fellow maker!

Get the Owl Sewing Kit pattern here.

Get the Owl Crochet Hook Holder here.

Craftsy Owl Applique Patterns

Left to Right: Valentine 3 Heart Owl Appliqué by Craftsy member Baby Kays ; Owl 1 Appliqué by Craftsy member Embroidershoppe

Two adorable machine appliqué designs are perfect for those who love bright patterns. The Valentine 3 Heart Owl Appliqué pattern by Craftsy member Baby Kays is cute as can be. You can even customize it with monograms! It’s available in 5×7 and 6×10 sizes. Craftsy member Embroidershoppe has created another darling pattern; the Owl 1 Appliqué pattern comes in two hoop sizes, 5×7 and 8×8.

Get the Valentine 3 Heart Appliqué pattern here.
Get the Owl 1 Appliqué pattern here.

Owlish hand embroidery pattern

Owlish by Craftsy member Kelly Fletcher

Hand embroidery owl patterns

Craftsy member Kelly Fletcher created this Owlish pattern for beginning hand embroiderers. She includes plenty of photos and resources for creating the stitches in this piece. Colors could easily be customized.

Get the Owlish hand embroidery pattern here.


Craftsy cross-stitch owls

Left to Right: Flower Hootie Lilac Blossom by Craftsy member pinoystitch ; Aqua Hoot Owl Cross-Stitch by Craftsy member StitchX

There is even something for cross stitch enthusiasts. Two intermediate cross stitch patterns depict owls. The Flower Hootie Lilac Blossom pattern by Craftsy member PinoyStitch and the Aqua Hoot Owl Cross-Stitch pattern by Craftsy member StitchX.

Get the Flower Lilac Blossom pattern here.
Get the Aqua Hoot Owl Cross-Stitch pattern here.

Sue O darling owl potholders from Craftsy class In the Hoop Gifts

 Darling Owl Potholders via the Craftsy class In the Hoop Gifts

Make an owl: machine embroidery appliqué classes

Craftsy instructor Sue O’Very shows how to create owl potholders in her class In the Hoop Gifts. These charming heat-resistant hooters are one of five awesome projects you’ll learn, including project instructions and embroidery design files.

Sign up for the Craftsy class In the Hoop Gifts here.

Debb Luttrell Fusible Applique Owl

Appliqué Owl via the Craftsy class Fun with Fusible Appliqué

Debby Luttrell shows you how to have a blast with fusible appliqué while creating this adorable Oliver the Owl. She also includes instruction on how to embellish appliqué with decorative stitching that brings your projects to life!

Sign up for the Craftsy class Fun with Fusible Appliqué here.

It appears owls are here to stay, and they are so darn cute!

What is your favorite owl embroidery pattern?

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