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Enter to Win a Lightcase Pop-Up Studio for Your Craft Photography!

When selling or marketing your handmade crafts online, you want to put your work in the best light -- literally. The Lightcase portable photographic studio is designed to help you do just that. The device, currently in production in England, was created by ceramic tile designer Dominic Crinson and children's clothing designer Brenna Jensen. It provides a simple and effective way to create clear, well lit photos of your crafts using just a little natural light and your smartphone.

Enter to win your own Lightcase!

To help celebrate its launch, Dominic and Brenna are generously giving away five Lightcases exclusively to Craftsy blog readers! To enter, just head here by May 28, 2014. We'll randomly select and notify the five winners on May 29, 2014.

Lightcase Box for Craft Photography

How to take great images using the Lightcase

1. Lighting

Choose a place by a window where natural light is coming in. It's often said that overcast day is best for photography and that’s kind of how the Lightcase works -- the frosted polypropylene diffuses the light kind of like the cloud cover does.

Natural light is best for most accurately representing the color of your piece. Artificial light often affects the color balance and can give your product and background color tints. Simply touch the screen to select the spot you want to focus on and this will also get the lens to adjust to the lighting as well.

Jewelry Artist Photographing Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry artist Polly Vanderglas

2. Composition

Unless you are super stylish at composing your background props, they usually detract from the object you are photographing, so it’s best to stick to a clean, clear, neutral background.

Textile Artist Photographing Handmade Swan Figurine

Creature textile artist Abigail Brown

The Lightcase comes with a white, black or frosted semi-transparent background. The frosted background can be backlit with a lamp for a lightbox effect or placed over another material to soften it. You can experiment with the background that suits your product best, or even use the backgrounds as a template to create your own.

3. Photograph your objects from a few angles to give people an idea of the scale and proportions of your piece.

You can position your phone on top, lining the lens up with the lens hole and using the Lightcase as the tripod get a nice clear shot from above. When you are taking photos from above you can just slide in the backgrounds flat.

Crafter's Lightbox

Special offer for Craftsy blog readers!

Craftsy blog readers will enjoy an exclusive discount by pre-ordering your very own Lightcase here for a discounted price of £27 GBP including US delivery (approx US $44). Orders you place today will be ready to ship mid-late June.

Note: If you pre-order a Lightcase and are selected as winner of the Craftsy giveaway, your purchase will be refunded.

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