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Photo of the Week: Into the Wild

Take a walk on the wild side with this fun collection of animal and bird images from Craftsy member paggie84!

Photo of a Monkey Hanging in a Tree

Animals and Birds: Photos via Craftsy member paggie84

Highlighted member photo: animals and birds

We're loving these animals shots paggie84 took on her Canon EOS 60D fitted with a 18-135 mm lens. Our favorite is the featured image of a monkey with all fours attached effortlessly to the tree limbs. Despite the stark contrast in color between the black fur and the greenery, this little guy still seems camouflaged amongst the leaves. Paggie84 utilized her creativity, finding improvisation as the source for her photos. Editing was notably completed with Lightroom 5.

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We simply had to include her other two photos in the collection, which truly demonstrate the intriguing use of colors in this animals and birds photography series!

Check out the Animals and Birds project page here!

Peacock photo

Large bird photographed in a tree

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What would your prefer to photograph: birds, animals or insects?

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