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Craftsy First Friday Photo Gallery: Wildlife

It's time to take a walk on the wild side! Wildlife photography presents a unique set of challenges for photographers. Timing can be crucial, as well as having knowledge of your subjects' habitat and behaviors, like how they move, and how shy they might be.

Whether you have ready access to open space where animals run free, or you are visiting your local preserve, trying your hand at wildlife photography can help to challenge and hone some of the most important skills for professional photographers: timing, patience and study of your subject.

Photographing Birds

Neil Losin gets close to his subjects in the class Photographing Birds in the Wild 

Craftsy's First Friday Photography Gallery:


This May, in our First Friday Photography Gallery, we'd like to pay tribute to our wild and wooly friends in nature, and the Craftsy member photographers who so wonderfully capture them on film. The below images struck us not only for their composition, but also for the photographers' ability to capture the character of each animal in such clever ways.

"Bird Photography" by member macro2009, taken as part of the class  Photographing Birds in the Wild  Bird's Face

If you don't have ready access to outdoor spaces and wildlife in your backyard, no need to worry. There's another locale that will offer plenty of opportunity to practice your wildlife photography: your local zoo or wildlife preserve.

What do you find most challenging about photographing wild animals?

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