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Craftsy First Friday Fine Art Gallery: Portraits & People

Watercolor is one of the most popular mediums in fine art. Versatile, vibrant and offering a world of possibility, it is a medium that almost every artist will work with at some point. Many find that their passion remains in working with watercolor over any other paint, creating masterpieces that capture subjects in a manner unparalleled by other mediums.

Painting in Watercolors

Mario Robinson painting a watercolor portrait in the class Painting Realistic Watercolors

Craftsy's First Friday Fine Art Gallery:

Watercolor Portraits & People

Below, in our First Friday Fine Art Gallery for May, we pay tribute to our members who capture the world with watercolor. Enjoy this colorful collection of portraits and people, and take note of each artist's individual expression and ability to so wonderfully utilize this unique medium.


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What is your advice for portraying people in watercolors?

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