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Learn It! 7 New Craftsy Classes to Inspire Your Creativity

You know that feeling, the sense of accomplishment you get when you master a new skill or finish a challenging project? Well, get ready to experience it again! We’re bringing you seven fantastic new classes that will build your skills and elevate your technique. With classes including Design Your Own Cowl, in which you learn to design your own knitwear patterns, and Sewing Luxury Fabrics: Pillows, which will reveal how to create elegant home decor, you’re sure to learn something new.

So, get ready to put your hands to work and get your creative juices flowing! Plus, if you sign up for one of these classes today, you’ll receive an exclusive discount. Hurry, special prices are available for a limited time only!

Design Your Own Cowl: Craftsy Class Title Card

Design Your Own Cowl

Discover the approachable art of cowl design with prolific designer Laura Nelkin. She’ll guide you in expanding your knitting horizons, teaching you how to create cowl patterns with her interactive worksheet and step-by-step templates. You’ll learn valuable knitting techniques, so you can wrap friends, family and yourself in beautiful accessories of your own design.

By joining Design Your Own Cowl today, you can save 25%.

The Perfect Wrap Knit Dress - Craftsy Class Sell Page

The Perfect Wrap Knit Dress

Sophisticated, flattering, fashion-forward and timeless: Sew a wrap knit dress that’s a wardrobe essential you’ll enjoy making and wearing! Join fashion designer Dyanne Marte and learn to stabilize, interface and sew your favorite knits as you create a wrap dress that calls out to be worn. Plus, learn how to add bodice ruching, a sash and professional finishing details. Make an upscale wrap knit dress, without the boutique price.

Sign up for The Perfect Wrap Knit Dress today and enjoy 25% off.

Title Card for Building Better Cakes Class: Creative Cake Separators

Building Better Cakes: Creative Cake Separators

Elevate your cakes to a new level of design and demand with well-built structures and elegant embellishments. Join world-class cake artist Marina Sousa as she guides you through creating sturdy, stunning cakes using foam risers, a threaded center-pole, a cantilever-style structure and more. Plus, enhance your cakes even more with elements like fondant gatework, delicate gum paste stringwork and Isomalt chandelier beads. Soon you’ll be able to conquer challenging structures and impressive designs with confidence and style.

Save 25% on Building Better Cakes: Creative Cake Separators by signing up here today.

Title Image for Craftsy Sew Luxary Fabrics Class

Sew Luxury Fabrics: Pillows

Ramp up your sewing skills and confidently sew luxury fabrics! Join sewing expert Linda Lee for step-by-step instruction on creating four custom pillows with elegant flanges, perfect piping and smoked velvet. With this class, you can showcase your design style and confidently sew luxury fabrics that impress.

Sign up for Sew Luxury Fabrics: Pillows today to receive your 17% discount.

Painting Realistic Watercolors: Craftsy Class Title Card

Painting Realistic Watercolors

Unlock the secrets to luminous, expressive watercolor paintings today! Renowned watercolorist Mario Robinson will guide you through tonal underdrawings, creating symmetrical features, water manipulation and so much more. Learn the techniques used by the masters and create radiant works that will stand out in a crowd.

Enjoy savings today at 25% off by signing up for Painting Realistic Watercolors here.

Embroidering Luxary Fabrics by Machine: Class on Craftsy

Embroidering Luxury Fabrics by Machine

Enhance your home decor without spending a fortune. Pam “The Decorating Diva” Damour reveals the techniques you need to know to successfully stabilize slippery, sturdy and sheer fabrics. Make customized luxury decor like appliquéd slipcovers, posh pillows, matelassé coasters and freestanding monograms you can add to furniture, accessories and more! With this class, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks you need to make personalizing your home a cinch!

Enjoy 25% off Embroidering Luxury Fabrics by Machine when you sign up here today.

Behind the Scenes of a Creative Portrait Shoot: Craftsy Class

Behind the Scenes on a Creative Portrait Shoot

Start taking stunning portraits that set your portfolio apart from the competition! Industry star Catherine Asanocv will show you how with creative tips on using props, gels and much more. Learn to use lighting to convey mood and how to coordinate wardrobe and styling for shots with maximum impact. Showcase your unique creative vision plus improve your portfolio with skills in creating exceptional portraiture!

Sign up today for Behind the Scenes of a Creative Portrait Shoot today for 25% off.

So, which class has the skill you’ve been itching to learn?

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