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Learning Is Fun Again With 5 New Craftsy Classes!

When you're a kid, homework is a chore. But now, with Craftsy, you'll have work you look forward to. If photography excites you, join the class The Basics of Digital Photography, where you'll study how to use your DSLR to get tack-sharp focus, add artistic blur and create beautiful shots you'll be proud to share. If you love drawing, sign up for the fine art class Drawing the Draped Figure and discover how to develop a realistic rendering of the human form with movement and depth. With these new classes, you'll find the learning that fuels your passion, and gain skills and techniques to last a lifetime!

Experience the joy of lifelong learning with new classes from Craftsy!

3 Blocks 30 Quilts

3 Blocks 30 Quilts

Experience the fun, rhythmic piecing of one-block quilts as you show off your creative choices in dynamic projects. Alongside quilt designer Kate Colleran, you'll combine beautiful fabrics, three versatile blocks and eye-catching layouts into amazing, customized quilts! Kate will give you plenty of strategies for selecting fabrics and colors, cutting efficiently, piecing accurately, pressing for the best results and more. By the end of class, you'll have the inspiration and confidence to mix up these blocks into standout quilts that are uniquely yours.

Sign up for 3 Blocks 30 Quilts today for a $10 discount!

Drawing the Draped Figure

Drawing the Draped Figure

Masterfully depict the draped form, and add lifelike movement and striking sculptural quality to your drawing skill set! Award-winning artist Matt Weigle introduces you to the seven basic drapery folds and much more, as you learn classical drawing techniques and use value to turn and model form. Discover expert techniques for sketching, shading and finishing to re-create the timeless motif of the human form draped in fabric. You'll refine your drawings with clean edges and rich shadows, and transform basic sketches into striking works of art!

You can save $10 by signing up today for Drawing the Draped Figure!

One-Skein Accessories- Chevron Collection

One-Skein Accessories: Chevron Collection

You know it: There are scrumptious skeins in your stash just waiting to be knit. Turn them into stylish one-skein cowls, hats and fingerless mitts! Join yarn shop owner and instructor Aurora Sisneros and knit three different chevron-themed, single-skein projects that become a bit more advanced as you progress. You'll finish this super fun class with new skills and a confidence boost you can use in all the wonderful knitting projects. So don't let single skeins become yarn stash strays — transform them into projects you can wear and LOVE!

Enjoy a $5 discount on One-Skein Accessories: Chevron Collection by signing up today!

The Wilton Method- Stunning Small Cakes

The Wilton Method® Stunning Small Cakes

Capture striking style in one-tier cakes that help make small get-togethers as memorable as grand gatherings. Not every occasion calls for a towering cake design. When your clients are looking for a small cake with big style, be ready! Whether you're looking to decorate a breathtaking cake for an intimate party, or add a standout design to any dessert table, Wilton decorator Valerie Pradhan will be your guide. Use sugar flowers, hand-painting, brush embroidery, patterns of vibrant tiles, shimmering metallic strips and more to create small cakes that make a big impression.

You can save $5 by joining The Wilton Method® Stunning Small Cakes today!

Basics of Digital Photography

Basics of Digital Photography

Start taking better photos today with essential DSLR techniques! In this class, you'll discover inspiring ideas for beautiful photographs and learn how to take shots you’re proud to share! Expert instructor Rick Allred will show you how to master your DSLR camera, from basic settings to finding the right light and adjusting focus, depth of field and composition.

Sign up for the Basics of Digital Photography today to get $10 offt! 

What skill or technique are you excited to learn from this roundup of new classes?

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