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Craftsy Member Photo of the Week: A Sunrise

This sunrise shot by Craftsy member Nikonnut is a real stunner. The color, depth of field and composition have made for beautiful photo that transports us to another place.

Photo of the Week on Craftsy: Sunrise

Photo "Sunrise" via Craftsy member Nikonnut

Featured member photo: capturing the beauty of the mountains at dawn

The image is of a sunrise at Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge in Montana. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun as it begins to break through the clouds. Because it was taken at a perfect time of day, if you look closely, you'll even see steam rising off the water's surface.

Nikonnut (wonder how this member feels about the Nikon v. Canon debate...) was motivated to capture this image after taking the Craftsy online class Landscape Photography: Shooting from Dawn to Dusk with Rick Sammon. Nikonnut's advice for taking photos like these? "Just go for it...Listen to Rick, feel his enthusiasm, get excited and go out and have fun!" We couldn't agree more!

More About Photo of the Week

Each week, we like to feature a project photo that showcases a Craftsy member's work. We know how hard our members are working to improve their skills and hone their technique: You deserve a little recognition!

You can check out all previously featured photos here. And, if you want to show off what you've been working on, you can upload your photo to our project page!

Dusk or dawn? Would you rather take a picture of a sunrise or a sunset?

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