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First Friday Photo Gallery: Movement

From the moment we are born, we are motivated to move. Crawling, walking, jumping, running, dancing -- movement is an integral part of our daily existence. It's no wonder, then, that we are often captivated by images of movement and determined to capture movement in our photography. Timing is everything, and all the details -- the angle of the shot, your camera's settings, even depth of field -- play into just how well you catch a snapshot of the action.

First Friday Photography Gallery:

Studies in Movement

Man Photographing Hockey Game

Scott Markewitz shooting a hockey game in his class, A Sports Photography Primer

Today, in Craftsy's First Friday Photography Gallery, we celebrate movement and applaud our talented members who have been able to so eloquently capture it on film. From people to animals to the natural landscape, these well-shot images are momentos of moments in time that are fully in motion.

Jump by member Pattybearski Jumping on the Beach

If you're looking to learn how to better catch the dynamics of movement on film, be sure to check out Scott Markewitz's class, A Sports Photography Primer. Even if sports photography is not your niche, Scott teaches expert tricks capturing movement with your camera.

What are your tips and tricks for capturing movement?


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