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First Friday Fine Art Gallery: Facial Features

The expressive human face, as many of the Fine Art world know, is not an easy thing to portray, no matter what your medium may be.

Unique to each and every individual, the human face is characterized by countless shapes and lines and is capable of forming over 10,000 expressions, making it a difficult but entirely intriguing subject.

Pencil Study of Noses and Mouths

Member charlotte2244649 created this study of the human nose and mouth with each mouth communicating a different emotion.

Each and every feature of the face — the eyes and eyebrows, mouth, even the nose and forehead — help to tell a person’s story.  As an artist, capturing this story is as crucial to one’s work as capturing the minute colors of a changing sunset: you are portraying not only the face, but the soul behind it. This truism inspired the late artist and biographer Irving Stone to comment, “I cannot draw a human face if I don’t know what’s going on in his mind and heart. In order to paint life one must understand not only anatomy, but what people feel and think about the world they live in.”

Craftsy’s First Friday Fine Art Gallery:

Facial Features

For this First Friday in April, we’d like to draw attention to work that so eloquently captures human facial expression. Youth, age, happiness, fear — myriad emotions and states of being are conveyed and celebrated via this compilation of inspiring member work from Craftsy’s Fine Art Gallery.

Hone the art of the expressive face in the Craftsy class Drawing Facial Features, and  sharpen your skills with our FREE downloadable primer, Drawing the Human Face: A Primer.








Kudos to our talented members for these creations. If you’re inspired by the work above, be sure to check out the FREE, downloadable Drawing the Human Face: A Primer as well as the Craftsy class Drawing Facial Features.

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