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Photo of the Week: Ducklings and Goslings

With a Nikon D50 camera and a Nikkor 70-300mm f4-f5.6 lens, Craftsy member busycrafting captured this adorable picture of baby ducklings. Taking photos of fast moving subjects can be tricky, but this image manages to pull if off perfectly.

Baby Ducks in Craftsy's Photo of the Week

Ducklings and Goslings - Composition H/W via Craftsy member busycrafting

Catching new life in motion

The series of shots in this project seem to tell a photo narrative of not only baby ducks, but also all the new life that spring brings. See the entire Ducklings and Goslings photo series here.

Duck Family Photos

Photo of Mallard Duck -

This photo was taken as a project in the Craftsy class Shoot It! A Product Photography Primer, which teaches photographers techniques in composition, color theory, editing and more. While this class focuses on product photography, projects like this demonstrate how the skills learned in this class can translate into all areas of photography!

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What seasonal scenes are you hoping to shoot this spring?

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