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Photo of the Week: Brick Back Pond

Image of a Foggy Pond at SunriseBrick Back Pond, by member jabroyles

Playing with early morning light

Using a Nikon D700 using a 24 - 120 mm Nikkor lens, jabroyles caught the golden light of a sunrise on this misty Southern pond. The pond's proud inhabitant draws the eye to the center of the frame, but it's not long before the eerie beauty of the surrounding landscape captures the viewer's attention as well. Would any other time of day have produced this golden hue? Perhaps, but in our opinion, jabroyles chose the perfect time to shoot.

The image was taken as part of Adam Jones's Composing Classic Landscapes class, and Jones himself commented on the image: "Great subject and lighting in all respects. Wish it was mine!!!!!!"

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What is your favorite time of day to shoot?

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