Just Bead It: 7 Beautiful Knitting Patterns with Beads

Sometimes knitting patterns need a little something extra. It’s difficult to imagine what that something extra might be. Sometimes it’s more color, sometimes more texture. And sometimes, your knitting pattern just needs some beads!

Most knitters think knitting with beads is best suited for fancier, more formal patterns one would knit up for special occasions. That’s not the case at all! Let these knitting patterns with beads give you ideas for incorporating beads into anything from jewelry to wraps that are appropriate for any occasion, from the park to a fancy dinner.

Fiona knit bead necklacePhoto via Craftsy instructor Betsy Hershberg

Fiona necklace

This unbelievably stunning Fiona necklace is made using so many interesting beads, including Japanese seed beads, wooden beads and resin beads. Betsy Hershberg, the designer of this necklace, doles out knitted bead advice right here on Craftsy in her Brilliant Knit Beads class. When you sign up for the class, you’ll not only get knitted bead how-tos from Betsy, but you’ll also get inspired by all the knitters enrolled in the class who are creating original knitted bead jewelry of their own.

Beaded knit Pioneer CuffPhoto via Craftsy instructor Laura Nelkin

Pioneer cuff

This is a great example of an accessory that doesn’t need to be saved for fancy occasions. The Pioneer Cuff is super casual and can be worn with jeans.

Want to make your own cuff? Learn how in Knitting With Beads, taught by Laura Nelkin, and you can get the cuff pattern that’s exclusive to students enrolled in the class.

Knitted Art Deco Beaded Wristwarmers

Photo via Craftsy member dianelaugustin

Art deco beaded wristers

Check out the beading on these wristers! Designer dianelaugustin used seed beads that gradually increase in number toward the edge of the wrist warmer. Changing up the color of the yarn and the beads can completely change the look of the entire pattern, so experiment with this one to see what combos you can come up with.

Get the Art Deco Beaded Wristers Pattern.

Beaded Knit Crescent Necklace

Photo via Craftsy member JackieES

Beaded crescent necklace

Adding beads to your knitting doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with beads in every row. This beaded crescent necklace only uses beads on the edges of the bib-style necklace. This necklace is versatile, too. You can flip it around and wear it collar-style, tying the ends in the front.

Get the Beaded Crescent Necklace Pattern.

Knit beaded bags

Photo via Craftsy member AgrarianArtisan

Beaded bags

Make these beaded bags casual or formal depending on the yarn you use. Fuzzy yarns with silk and mohair fibers are great for special occasions, while cotton and synthetic yarns will make the bag look a bit more casual. Designer AgrarianArtisan also created beaded coin purses, too, if you’d like a slightly smaller bag.

Get the Beaded Bags Pattern.

Knitted Vita cloche

Photo via Craftsy member ninaknits

Vita cloche

Beads help form the beautiful design of this cloche. There’s no need to exclusively use smaller seed beads with your knitting. The beads on this hat are a bit larger, but they’re just as stunning as those smaller more delicate beads.

Get the Vita Cloche Pattern.

Beaded family wrist warmers

Photo via Craftsy member Creative Fibers

Beaded family wrist warmers

Beads do more than just add sparkle to these wrist warmers. They also form a cute little design! You can mix family members, including cats and dogs, to match your own family. And the simple garter stitch means you can completely focus on the family member beading without worrying about crazy stitches. I love the idea of giving these as a gift to a mom or grandmother.

Get the Beaded Family Wrist Warmers Pattern.

Before you get started on your beaded knitting pattern, don’t forget to check out tips for using beads in knitting for even more ideas.

Have you used beads in your knitting before? What did you knit?

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