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First Friday Fine Art Gallery: Studies in Perspective

An awareness of perspective — whether it’s observing the way a road recedes as it approaches the skyline or viewing your favorite furry friend from a unique angle — is integral to how we see the world and how we create art. Perspective gives our work depth, accuracy, and realism, and a proper handle on incorporating perspective into one’s work is the mark of a proficient artist.

Incorporating perspective

In-Progress Perspective Study of Petra in Jordon

Craftsy member Rob B is using perspective lines to guide this study of Petra in Jordon

As with most artistic skills, mastering perspective calls for practice with specific techniques and learning how these techniques are best utilized in the creation of an image. Certainly, perspective is a fundamental building block in the artistic process. As artist Paul Heaston says in his tutorial for 2-point perspective, “Whether you’re working on a landscape or a still-life, knowing the rules of 2-point perspective, in particular, can be the difference between drawing a believable, realistic space and creating a space that just doesn’t work.”

Craftsy’s First Friday Fine Art Gallery:

Studies in Perspective

For this First Friday in March, we’d like to highlight the excellent use of perspective by artists in our own community. These works present perspective beautifully, and, while each work is unique, each one reflects the artist’s conscious attention to perspective lines.

Car by Craftsy member Alex Buzunov

Perspective of Road and Car -

My Room by member Shkedimoto

Craftsy Member Work: Looking Down Into Bedroom

Duomo di Milano II ‪#‎ICM2014 by member Henrieta Maneva

Drawing of the Duomo - Craftsy Member Project

Dog and cat by member mariansug2111262

Dog and Cat - Painting by Craftsy Member

Downpour Intimacy by member Jo Milne

Craftsy Member Painting - Couple Strolling in Rain

Exterior One-Point Perspective Drawing by instructor Jeff DiCicco

Drawing of a House - Craftsy Instructor Work

Peaceful Beach by member Bernadette Dann Painting of Beach -

To master the art of perspective in your own artwork takes practice and study. Learn the processes that will allow you to properly incorporate perspective into the new course, The Art and Science of Perspective, taught by classically-trained artist and architectural illustrator Jeff DiCicco.

Do you find it difficult to incorporate perspective into your own artwork?

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