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Bring Faces to Life: Free Drawing the Human Face Tutorial

The human face is a powerful image that can tell a story and spark inspiration. If you practice fine art, utilizing tried-and-true techniques for drawing the face will help you to capture that powerful inspiration in your artwork. After all, the “Mona Lisa” has captivated audiences for hundreds of years!

Download the FREE Drawing the Human Face: A Primer made exclusively for Craftsy by artists Paul Heaston and Sandrine Pelissier, and you too can convey the spirit of a person in a single image.

Drawing the Human Face: A Primer - Free on Craftsy

Learn the art of drawing the face, conveying images full of life and emotion!

This printable primer features tips, step-by-step tutorials, and photos to guide you in drawing every aspect of the human face. Learn the proportions and placements for drawing realistic human heads, and open up the window to the soul with lifelike drawings of the eyes.

Heaston and Pelissier lead you through both the tiny details and the big picture to really capture the essence of the visage. With these easy-to-follow segments, you’ll be able to render drawings of the face in breathtaking human likeness.

Drawing the Eye: Proportions Illustration

What’s included:

1. Drawing a realistic head
2. How to draw facial features
3. Tips for drawing realistic eyes
4. Drawing lips step-by-step tutorial
5. Keys to drawing realistic hair

Facial Proportions Illustration

 What facial feature do you find trickiest to draw?

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I always measure but never thought about this way.interesting….


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