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“Camera and My Beasties”: Craftsy’s Photo of the Week

The excitement of having your eye on the prize -- even when that prize is a round ball flying through the air -- is so perfectly conveyed by this week's photo of the week!

Dog About to Catch a Ball

Go dog, go!

Anjea the cattle dog is caught in motion by Craftsy member IrishPogue, who, when asked what special equipment she used to take a collection of expressive pet portraits simply replied, "Camera and my beasties." That is all she needed to so wonderfully capture the movement of her dog and the excitement that this conveys.

What advice does IrishPogue have for capturing your own beasties? "Take TONS of photos, get on their level, keep them interested and engaged."

"Lovely storytelling picture of Anjea 2, and it is all so beautifully focused too," fellow member Clovetree commented. The Craftsy blog team agrees, and we find the composition of the image delightful as well. Very well done, IrishPogue!

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What tips do you have for photographing pets?

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