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Get Fired Up! Crafting Is My Motivation

Throughout the Better Lives with Crafting series, we have learned that crafting builds healthy minds, stronger bodies and better communities. The health benefits of crafting are seemingly endless. In this last week of our series, let’s celebrate how crafting encourages people to stay active and energized!

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Better Lives With Crafting: Crafting Keeps Me Acting -

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This week: Crafting keeps me active

Sometimes life can get you down, and it’s tough to stay motivated. But with crafting, people around the world are staying inspired and active. Maybe cake decorating has kept you moving after a physical injury or bright quilting patterns help ward off winter’s gloom. As one member stated, “Simply put, art warms the heart!” No matter your craft of choice, you can find a sense of purpose in being a maker!

Here are some inspiring stories from our Craftsy members on how crafting keeps them motivated and active:

“I work by myself in the oil field as a medic. There are days, even weeks, where I have little to no interaction with people. This leads to boredom and depression. Quilting, sewing and other crafts helps me feel productive and wards off negative emotions.”

“I have been disabled for about 4 years, and my hobbies & crafts are what keep me going. They help me feel worthy of life. It’s also how I continue to give gifts on my income.”

“I live in the Midwest and our winters can be long and draining. I have a sewing/quilting space in my finished basement that my husband helped me set up. It is one of my favorite places in my house; I call it my “happy place.” Sometimes I go down there just to fold and refold my fabrics, straighten or organize during the winter, even if I don’t work on a project. The bright colors, loved books and crafting supplies can lift my spirits during a long winter just by being in that room.”

“Me and my boyfriend started acrylic painting only a few months ago. It is now a permanent hobby of ours, and we are enjoying every moment doing it together. It’s relaxing, fun and inspirational. We are seeing everything around us so much clearer and more beautiful. Thank you for all the tips and advice!”

“I discovered jewelry making a year ago. Before that, I didn’t have much of a hobby and was somewhat lost. When I found this, I became very focused and it made me feel happy and now I’ve started a business to help supplement my income…It is only getting better by the day. I have made custom pieces for friends and have been receiving interest in orders every day. [Jewelry making] has truly made me feel like I have purpose now. People really enjoy what I have to offer and think I am talented, which makes me feel very happy- that always leads to better health!”

“At age 74, it is important to keep your mind busy. Crafts help do this. Learning a new craft or a new way to do an old craft is exciting!”

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How does crafting motivate you? Share your story in the comments section below!

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