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Sharpen Your Skills: Free Mini-Class & WÜSTHOF Knife Giveaway

Ready to know the secret becoming a better cook and creating restaurant quality dishes? Look no further than your cutting board! Learning fundamental knife skills will make you a more efficient cook and provide the ability to produce consistently delicious results every time.

Master the most important tool in your kitchen with a FREE mini-class. Plus, get a chance to win a WÜSTHOF CLASSIC 8-inch Cook's Knife!

Wusthof Knives - Giveaway on

The free mini-class

If you want to dice, mince and julienne like a pro, you need to learn one thing: knife skills! Luckily for you, Craftsy's free mini-class Complete Knife Skills will walk you through this essential culinary skill set, led by award-winning chef Brendan McDermott. You’ll discover how to become faster and more efficient with your knife work as Chef Brendan uses his favorite WÜSTHOF knives to show you proper hand placement and the four fundamental cuts. Then, you’ll learn tips and tricks to cut prep time in half.

The giveaway!

One lucky winner will top off their class experience when they win a new WÜSTHOF CLASSIC 8-inch Cook's Knife!

WÜSTHOF has been manufacturing high-quality knives for two centuries, and is known for industry-leading quality. Craftsy is giving away a WÜSTHOF CLASSIC 8-inch Cook's Knife, a $165 value, to one participating member!

WÜSTHOF Knife and Herbs - Knife Giveaway

How do you enter?

Simply click here to enter the giveaway and then add a favorite technique you learned or hope to learn from Complete Knife Skills in the comment box along with your name!

Enter the WÜSTHOF Knife Giveaway!

Deadline to enter is 11:59 pm MST on March 12, 2014.

Good luck and happy chopping!


Tea Šilić

hoping to become fast with cutting, in order to cook faster and thus cook more often.

Desmond McReynolds

I was fascinated by the Brendan McDermott free class on knife skills. I need to see it a second time. I’m 85 and very slow at learning new skills. Please, how do I find the Brendan McDermott video about knife skills. I’ve been searching for over an hour already but it just eludes me. Hope you can help me. Many thanks. Desmond


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