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First Look: Your Exclusive Sneak Peek at 5 New Classes!

We’ve got another set of can’t-miss classes just released today for you, featuring celebrated instructors, innovative techniques and the step-by-step guidance you love. Make an heirloom quality quilt, create elegant apparel with your embroidery machine, or decorate a show-stopping cake. With classes like these, inspiration is guaranteed!
Downton Abbey Cast

The Classic Double Wedding Ring with Gail Kessler

Create an heirloom quilt of extraordinary sophistication that honors generations past and inspires those to come! Join instructor Gail Kessler and dive into the time-honored Double Wedding Ring pattern with an exclusive collection of Downton Abbey® fabrics from Andover included with the class. Pair the elegance and character of the Crawley women of Downton Abbey® with this enduring design for an heirloom rich with history, beauty and intrigue.

Get The Classic Double Wedding Ring Class & Fabric Kit Bundle.

Shawl Made With Machine Embroidered Cutwork

Machine Embroidered Cutwork with Evy Hawkins

Add dimension to your machine embroidery with delicate cutwork designs! Designer Evy Hawkins guides you through three beautiful projects as you learn how to create delicately sculpted finished edges and intricate cutaway lace. Discover how to create perfectly aligned continuous borders, repair broken threads and much more! You’ll finish the class with a sophisticated cutwork wrap, chic case and giftable hand towel -- plus a new technique you’ll be thrilled to use again and again!

Sign up for Machine Embroidered Cutwork now and save 25%!

 Cake Artist Decorating with Oriental Stringwork

Elevating Oriental Stringwork with Toba Garrett

Expand your repertoire of piping techniques with delicate Oriental stringwork! Join distinguished cake artist Toba Garrett in this Masters Series class and gain the skills to create gravity-defying cake decorations. Make the perfect royal icing to ice your cake for a super smooth finish and razor sharp corners, and discover how to use trellis piping and a piped ornament for tremendous style. Deliver gorgeous stringwork for designs with the elegance customers crave and the precision judges look for.

Sign up for Elevating Oriental Stringwork today and get 25% off!

Intarsia: Basics and Beyond - Craftsy Class

Intarsia: Basics & Beyond with Sally Melville

Knit wearable art! Create garments and accessories with personalized images as beloved knitting instructor Sally Melville shares her expert tips on this unique colorwork technique. Learn to create intarsia color crosses, secure your floats and weave in ends for bulk-free, beautiful projects. Sign up today and discover how intarsia brings an inspired touch of individuality to your wardrobe.

Sign up for Intarsia: Basics & Beyond today and get 25% off!

Tools for Drawing Perspective

The Art & Science of Perspective with Jeff DiCicco

Join Jeff DiCicco in discovering your inner realist! Learn how perspective can help create paintings that are stunningly lifelike. Through depicting one and two-point perspective, you'll gain tools that allow you to mimic what is seen by the human eye. Sign up today and take your work from flat to fully dimensional!

Get 20% off The Art & Science of Perspective when you sign up today!

What are some of your other favorite Craftsy classes?

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