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Keep Your Resolutions on Track With Craftsy!

It’s that time of year again -- time to commit to a New Year’s resolution and decide how you can make 2014 even better than the last.

This time, pick a resolution you’ll actually keep with these fun, easy ideas from Craftsy.

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1. Resolution: Learn something new

We love this New Year’s resolution because as far as self-improvement goals go, this one tends to be the most fun! Whether you want to learn how to decorate a cake, pick up basic knitting skills or even make a simple quilt, learning something new is a great way to tap into undiscovered talents and new creative projects.

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2. Resolution: Save money

Okay, so maybe your crafting budget has its own line in your household expenditures (is that so bad?), but there are some easy ways to save money on hobbies, whether you’re into quilting, sewing, knitting or another craft. Take advantage of free patterns in the Craftsy Pattern Gallery, or learn something new by watching a free mini-class. You can even put those leftover fabric or yarn scraps to good use with a handy stash-buster project.

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3. Resolution: Get more exercise or lose weight

A common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight or get in shape (if only knitting burned more calories!), but you can keep your resolution with a little help from your crafting. While watching TV, keep hands busy with knitting or crocheting instead of snacking, or bring your mobile device to the gym so you can watch your Craftsy classes while blasting calories on the treadmill.

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4. Resolution: Spend more time with family

Spending more time with family is a common New Year’s resolution, but it can be challenging to come up with family activity ideas that everyone will enjoy. What about planning a fun movie and pizza night, where everyone can make his or her own personalized pizzas from scratch? Learn how to pull it off with the free online mini-class, Perfect Pizza at Home. Or get your family together for a night of baking and decorating beautiful cookies with the help of the online class, Decorating Essentials: Designer Cookies.

Roasted Chicken and Onion Dish - Craftsy

5. Resolution: Make more meals at home

Whether you want to brush up on your cooking skills or just want to get the family together for dinner more often, cooking at home is a great New Year’s resolution for a number of reasons. Pick up some new cooking skills with an online class, where you can learn homespun favorites like making soup or professional skills like classic French cooking techniques.

Click here to see Craftsy's entire catalog of online Food & Cooking classes.

Join us in making a crafty New Year’s resolution!

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3. Upload your resolution project to show it off once it’s done!

We’d love to hear from you! What’s your new year’s resolution, and how is Craftsy helping you reach it?

Let us know in the comments below!


Karen Marie Kedzuch

I am designing my first craft room. It will be great to have a place for everything and some where to work. I start today!


This year I intend to use my Craftsy classes to make my own clothes. I am a relative beginner but the Craftsy classes are so good I am sure I will be able to achieve something wearable.


Trying to commit to a new 365-project – knitting a skyscarf! Looking forward to see how this will develop!
🙂 kat


I would love to use a Craftsy class to continue learning how to paint using acrylics. I am unable to take a class outside my home due to a health condition. Online classes help me get connected to teachers. I am very much a beginner and having the opportunity to learn techniques and experience the joy of making art, creatively express, is tremendously healing.

Charlene Boyer

Have been wanting to learn to paint since I was a little bitty girl. Who did I want to be my teacher? Michangelo, DaVinci, Bob Ross (his sheer joy), and Georgia O’Keefe.

kathy smickle

An art class would defiantly help my painting skills I work with acrylics and have been finding lately my inspiration has been waning..I’m losing my confidence in what little talent I have. I just want to learn what I need to do to be happy painting again..because I absolutely love to paint.

Hieu Le

I wish that you guys at Craftsy would finish the android app… everyone I click the link I am vastly disappointed that there is an app, I just can’t get it because I don’t own an Apple product.


Try a vegan meal at home as well. Dead legs just aren’t sexy.

Try crafting cruelty-free by finding cruelty-free glues, using fair-trade cotton or hemp rather than wool, and by trying to ensure that the yarn was treated in a way that is healthy for workers.

These are a few of mine. The vegan meals come naturally though… So mine are going to be palm-oil free and healthier!

April Painter

I have been oil painting and doing watercolor for two years and one year respectively. I can use more instruction! I would ultimately like to become a portrait painter. Thanks, Craftsy! I watched your free figure drawing class and learned a lot!

Priscilla King

I definitely plan to be more creative! I’ve bookmarked the free patterns and free classes tabs so I can find them quickly when the creative urge strikes (which is every day!).

Joni Hyvönen

I will be applying to architecture school! 🙂


Hai, i will work to learn portrait drawing , i wish you all a drawing and painting full new year.

Debra Spate

To leave something of myself to my family an friends


I am starting to knit my first sweater tomorrow morning. It will take a lot less than a year to knit it, but that is still enough of a resolution for now. When it is done I will decide what to knit next. Resolutions can be made any day of the year. I have the yarn and other supplies, knitting needles, pattern, and class, and have watched most of the class, so I am off to a good start. I am making a gauge swatch to make sure my stitches are the right size. I plan to finish that tonight.


i would like to finish the classes i started and not yet done, teach my daughter more sewing things,

Lisa Gibson

I am committing this year to continuing my art education in a more intense manner by focusing my time on practice, practice, practice and learn, learn, learn! Cutting out the “unnecessaries” in life and adding in great classes will definitely help.

Shelly K

I am with Kendra and Kathy S. That my health keeps me home 24/7 and I have lost my confidence in doing what I have learned to love the past 7 years, Acrylic Painting. I had to give up nearly every physical activity. I loved working with horses, now i want to perfect painting them. My hope is to get myself organized enough to have a place to go to in my home to have easy access to everything. I’m so excited about the Craftsy classes!


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