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Let Them Shine! How to Display Your Scrap Fabrics Creatively

No matter what type of sewist you are, scraps are inevitable. Whether you enjoy quilting or sewing garments or bags, bits of fabric are always leftover. What do you do with those scraps? Some like to donate their scraps, while others throw them away. Many tuck them away in boxes and totes before storing them out of sight. There is one problem with that — out of sight, out of mind! If those precious fabric scraps are hidden away, they are less likely to be used for projects. That’s why it’s a good thing to learn how to display your scrap fabric it a fun and creative way.

Scraps of Fabric Photo via Jeni of In Color Order

It is time to pull out those fabric scraps and show them off! There are several advantages and benefits to having a nicely organized scrap stash that can be regularly seen. Here are three:

1. You know what you have.

If everything is organized beforehand, you have know what you have available to work with. It’s easy to forget what kind of scraps you have when you can’t see them.

2. Inspiration!

It is hard to resist those beautiful scraps of fabric when you see them everyday.

3. Ready to sew at a moments notice.

There is no need to go digging for scraps in the midst of looking at your sewing or quilting pattern if they are already carefully sorted and arranged. Simply grab the colors or size you need and you are ready to go!

What is the best way to display fabric scraps creatively? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Scrap Fabrics in JarsPhoto via Michelle of I Like Orange Too

Use jars to display smaller scraps like Michelle of I Like Orange Too. Sort fabrics by color and arrange them neatly for a beautiful display and daily inspiration. The lids on Michelle’s jars are wonderful too — she used colored fabric to label each one.

Scrap Fabrics in BinsPhoto via Amanda Jean Nyberg

If your scrap stash is larger, sew patchwork baskets to hold each color. Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts created this set with the pattern from her book, Sunday Morning Quilts. Neatly folded fabric is perfectly organized and nicely displayed. The bonus? Those adorable baskets can be sewn out of scraps!

Scrap Fabric in a Porcelain Bowl Photo via Jeni of In Color Order

Do you like to collect vintage goods? If you are into Pyrex or enamelware, why not use them to store fabric scraps? They can be stored by color (above) or mixed together (below) and displayed on your workspace or shelf.

Organizing Scrap Fabrics Photo via Ashley of Film in the Fridge

Here’s an idea for some real organization! Before you tuck away your leftover fabric, cut them into commonly used sizes. Think squares measuring 2.5”, 5”, 6”, and strips measuring 1.5” and 2.5”. Once cut, store those leftover strips and squares together neatly in a clear tote. Now they really are ready to be used!

Scrap Fabric in a Plastic Bin Photo via Melinda of Quirky Girl Granola

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What do you do with your scrap fabric? How do you creatively display them?



I Cut scraps into usable sizes and place them in 12 x 12 scrap booking boxes. They are not on display, but they are readily available


This is something I really want to tackle this year. I have been sorting my scraps by color and storing in zip lock bags in a big drawer. When I need something I pull out the bag containing the color I want and it has worked fairly well. This year though, I want to change this up some way and am thinking of cutting into squares or strips and storing in clear plastic boxes that I can stack. There are great ideas in this article and I am getting anxious to get started on this project!

Joy French

I use the clear plastic clam shell packages that leaf lettuce and field greens come in. The large ones are a decent size and they stack nicely. I keep them in a bookcase that takes two stacked and 5 across. I started with one for each colour, but now, for the colours I use the most, I have separated them further into shades. They are at my fingertips, colourful, and it’s easy to choose the one you need at a glance. Now I use scraps all the time in my quilting.


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