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Craftsy Members Share Their Most Special Holiday Memories

On Day 12 of 12 Days of Craftsy, we asked you to share with us the meals, memories and magic that you love most about the holiday season. We loved reading about your wonderful holiday traditions and were so touched by many of your responses. In celebration of Christmas Eve, here is a heartwarming selection of Craftsy members’ most beloved Christmas memories. Enjoy!

Holiday Memories, from Craftsy

When I was 12 there was the really pretty present wrapped in red/white striped paper with a fancy bow. I knew from earlier peeking that it was mine. But every time I snagged it my Grandma would say “not yet” Then after all of the presents were unwrapped she let me have it. I unwrapped it and inside was a curry comb and a brush. Staring blankly at those two items thinking ” I don’t have anything to use these on”. My Mom said “I think there’s something for you on the porch” I ran outside and my first horse was tied up to the front porch. BEST Christmas EVER. – Janet Naza

I loved Christmas when I was a kid as all kids do. My best memory was when my dad bought my mom a well needed winter coat she’d admired in the store. When she modeled the coat for the family, she pressed her hands into her pocket to find a small box. The surprised look on her face when she saw that it was an engagement ring was priceless. There wasn’t much money when they got married, and dad never got her one. Needless to say, it made Christmas. All seven younger siblings with their families were there to witness this surprise. – Lynda

Gingerbread Cookies - Craftsy Gingerbread Cookies for Christmas via Craftsy member Janice

When our son was small Christmas was so much fun because we looked forward to the smiles when he found his treats under the tree. He enjoyed leaving cookies for Santa and was amazed when he found a partially eaten cookie on Christmas morning. Santa wasn’t able to eat the whole cookie because he had so many more stops to make. It was sad when Santa became a myth, but the delight in the gifts was still there. Since we moved so many times it was always just the three of us on Christmas, but even after 44 years the three of us make Christmas the special day it is. We remember why we celebrate Christmas and the gifting is just an extra treat, as it should be. Our gifts to family and friends are all hand made, quilting, and much of the credit for ideas and patterns goes to Craftsy and all the talented people who share their artistry. I look forward to the New Year and more Craftsy treats to make for my family and friends, maybe even one for myself. Many thanks. – BeeGee

Greatest Christmas memories were when my Nana would travel and spend the last two weeks of the year with us; me, my brother and sister. Unlimited hugs, kisses, reading of stories, time spent together shopping, seeing the decorations and crafting! Always lots of crafting!! Every time I’m in an airport around the holidays and I see someone that looked like my Nana, I tear up, get brave and go ask for a big hug. People are so kind when I explain. Merriest of Christmases to you and your families. – Allison Bayer

I loved Christmas Eve at my Grandma and Grandpas house. The whole family would get together. about 25 to 30 of us. It was full of tradition and warmth. Before everyone left for the evening, my Uncles would go up to the attic and ring sleigh bell and HoHoHo out the dormer window…The kids would be so excited, they knew Santa was almost at their house. I loved it and miss it! – Debbie P.

Holiday-Themed Mantle QuiltSnowy Christmas Mantle Quilt via Craftsy member Lettyb

On Christmas morning we have a big breakfast. Since all our children have their own families now, its kind of a in and out thing. But everyone comes, we eat, we laugh, and the little ones tell what they received from Santa! We have hot chocolate, Mrs. Claus egg casserole, waffles with cinnamon syrup. Then they go. So I still get to see everyone, since I have to share them with other family members. We get together later for a simple dinner, in the late afternoon. Just ham sandwiches. Easy things. We get to be together, that’s the important thing! – Lorene Holbrook

The most memorable story of Christmas past actually happened on the day before Christmas. My day was hectic, as only Christmas Eve can be, with cookies in the oven, last minute package wrapping, and final stitches being added to sewing projects. The teenagers in my house were of no help, nor was their father. The florist rang the doorbell, I ran to answer, and slipped on the rug. Too much! Time for a nap! Let me remind you, this story is true. I had got no farther than the bed when I heard strange gurgling noises coming from the hallway bathroom. From the toilet, of course. The lid was closed, so I steeled myself for the worst and lifted it. There, flapping in the water, was a bird! Needless to say, I lost it altogether and the family came running. While everyone else panicked my son remained calm and rescued the bird. He wrapped it in a towel and I called animal rescue. They told us that the bird should be fine if we put it outside in the sun. The family gathered around the window with a true feeling of togetherness as we watched the bird shake it’s feathers and fly away. We’ve wracked our brains, but we’ve never figured out how the bird had managed to get into such a predicament. – Karen Faripour

One of my favorite memories. Is after a snow storm on Christmas Day riding to our church Sunday School program in my Dad’s sleigh, filled with hay, Pulled by out team of big work horses under a clear sky full of stars. It seems like a dream as I recall that night. – Judy Herrema

Woodland Christmas Scene PaintingBluebird Christmas via Craftsy member lin.marr51806305

We’re in that in between state when the kids are grown and married but don’t have any children of their own yet. And they’re trying to spend some time with the in-laws and the out-laws. :) So for the last few years, I just couldn’t see doing a lot of decorating. What’s the point? No piles of presents, too much work. But last year, I found some large plastic ornaments at the thrift store. Days are short and can be dreary in the Pacific Northwest. But we’ve got a big plum tree and several apple trees out by the road. I had a bag of plastic beads in red and gold… Then I saw a big container of plastic ornaments at the hardware store. So I suggested to my DH that we decorate the trees that the neighbors could see. To make a short story long, we spent a day out in our mini-orchard, decorating leafless fruit trees with all kinds of sparkly, glittery, shiny things. We actually ended up buying more ornaments on clearance! We had so much fun, it’s now a new family tradition. Everyone commented on how nice it looked and how much they enjoyed seeing the trees as they drove by. This year we’ve expanded our outdoor decor with the Japanese maple out front getting its’ own set of ornaments. I’m actually looking forward to Christmas this year because even though the inside isn’t bursting at the seams, my spirits soar every time I look out the windows. – Vicky Haynes

Our family tree tradition is really cute! We had a horse ranch in part of the country that got real winter: snow, minus 20 deg etc. About a week or so before Christmas, mom would send us out on our cross-country skis out ‘the back 40’ to check out something suitable for our tree. We were given some Very brightly colored yarn to mark some choices & off we went: 3 kids, 3 dogs, & miles & miles of forest & pastures. We’d select a possible candidate & we would take turns side-stepping up to the tree to give it a shake to knock the snow off. Hopefully you didn’t get a lot of snow down your neck! If we thought Mom might like it, we tied a hunk of the most gaudy yellow or blaze-orange yarn in a conspicuous spot. After a couple hours, we were soaked & tired & ready for food & hot chocolate. Sure enough, Mom had soup & grilled cheese sandwiches for us. After lunch we would go out again, but this time Mom came with us for the final selection. This time, too, we took saw, ax, rope, & a toboggan to bring back the tree. Same 3 kids & same 3 dogs! Strange how Mom never went with what we thought was good; there was more side-stepping & tree shaking. Brother would chop/saw down the tree & we would lash it to the toboggan & return to the house. Being the eldest, I usually had to drag the toboggan. Either that or cut trail. Again we’d arrive home cold, wet & tired; but boy did we ever sleep well that night! The tree went into the house the next day after it acclimatized on the porch. It was up & decorated on the 22nd as it is my sister’s birthday. To this day, I can’t look at a Christmas tree without remembering dragging our tree home on a toboggan! – Kathy Durance

Christmas Nutcrackers via Craftsy member geminiwah2518108

Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

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