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A Tribute to the Cosby Sweater

There are few sweaters more iconic than those made popular by Bill Cosby on The Cosby Show. If you're not familiar with the Cosby sweater, it's defined as a sweater that's oversized with lots of crazy colors and patterns in it. The patterns are often geometric or patches of crazy colors, just like the sweaters Cosby himself wore on nearly every episode of the show. The Cosby sweater is so famous that it even has its own Tumblr, documenting sweaters from each episode.

Collage of Cosby Sweaters

Here at Craftsy, we're obsessed with Cosby sweaters this week because several Craftsy staffers attended Denver's annual Cosby Con on November 29th. Finding the perfect Cosby sweater was one of the best parts of the event -- and it's key to attending the event if you want to win the Cosby sweater contest! The event also featured pudding pops and of course episodes of The Cosby Show play in the background so that you can see the Cosby sweaters in action.

As knitters, we also understand that a Cosby sweater isn't always a desirable look. Sure, they're fun to wear to Cosby-themed parties, but would you wear one otherwise? No one knows about ill-fitting sweaters more those of the knitting ilk. Our solution to that? Sweater knitting classes, naturally.

Check out some of Craftsy's best sweater classes to avoid the Cosby sweater look -- unless, of course, you're planning to attend Cosby Con. In that case, knit that Cosby sweater and wear it proudly.

My First Sweater

Is this your very first time knitting a sweater? The experience doesn't have to make you sweat or swear. Knit along with Amy Ross as she shows you how to knit a cardigan or pullover in her My First Sweater class. Amy will show you how to knit up each piece of the sweater, plus how to join the pieces together.

Sweater Surgery

Rescue an old sweater -- possibly even a Cosby sweater -- with Carol Feller's tips in her Sweater Surgery class. Lengthen the body, shorten a sleeve, and even learn how to add some pockets. Carol will give you the confidence you need to get the fit you want, making sure the result is always a sweater you're excited to wear. Sweaters don't belong stored in drawers anyway, right?

Custom Yoke Sweater

Colorwork is key to the patchy designs of Cosby sweaters. Amy Detjen's Custom Yoke Sweater class could easily help you knit a Cosby-approved yoke. You could also go for the cute squirrels, like the ones on Amy's sweater. Your choice!

Custom Cabled Pullovers

Throw all thoughts of a Cosby sweater out the window when you knit up Custom Cabled Pullovers with Carla Scott. You'll learn about ease, including how to avoid the crazy positive ease that comes with wearing a Cosby sweater. The exciting part? With Carla's guidance, you'll get to design the front and sleeves of the pullover, making your sweater totally unique.

Whether you knitted your Cosby sweater on purpose or by accident, why not upload it to Craftsy projects and share it with the Craftsy knitting community?

Have you ever knitted or owned a Cosby sweater?

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