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12 Days of Craftsy: Day 12 Revealed

Craftsy Holiday Logo: 12 Days of Craftsy

It’s here at long-last, the final day of the 12 Days of Craftsy, which means more holiday fun for you.

Last Chance for Christmas Delivery

But first, a reminder: It’s your last chance to purchase yarn, fabric and project kits in order to get your delivery in time for Christmas (US only). So be sure to order today!
Day 12 in 12 Days of Craftsy

Craftsy is gearing up for the holidays, and we want you to share the meals, memories and magic that you love most about this wintry and wonderful season! We joined in on the fun by sharing some of our favorite traditions below, from decorating cookies in Christmas Eve to joining friends and family for cheer-filled gatherings. Share your own experiences below in the comment section today—we’ll feature a selection them on our blog on December 24, 2013 and highlight your holiday spirit!

I love hanging out with my excited little cousins on Christmas Eve. We read stories, write Santa notes and call the Santa hotline to track his sleigh.”
Caroline Wood, Email Associate

Gingerbread decorating on Christmas Eve—we whip out the frosting and candy and decorate the heck out our lil’ men…one year my little sister even made a Lady Gaga gingerbread cookie!”
Elysian McNiff, Acquisitions Editor

As a youngster, I’d wake up early to “graciously” help cook cinnamon rolls for breakfast before tearing open gifts with the family. Then, drawing upon all my patience, I’d help prepare a feast, help do the dishes, and when everyone else was recovering from a food coma, I’d have free reign and a clear conscience to spend the rest of the day playing my new video games on Sega and N64. A good lesson in giving and receiving!”
Michael Lengel, Senior Marketing Manager for Social

As a kid, on a whiteout winter day, there was nothing I loved more than playing football out in the yard with my older brothers. Thankfully, the snowman was the only one who ever got hurt.”
-Nick Linkow, Jr. Copywriter

My favorite family tradition is that every year my family attends the Mizzou vs. Illinois Braggin’ Rights game. It’s my favorite sporting event, and it’s always a nail-biter—go Mizzou!”
-Emma Binbeutul, Recruiter

Comment below today and your story might be selected to be featured!



My family started a new tradition last year. We invite all of our friends over to help decorate the 12ft live tree in our living room. We provide the ornaments and we take tons of photos. It is all about friendships, foods and family.

Allison C Bayer

Greatest Christmas memories were when my Nana would travel and spend the last two weeks of the year with us; me, my brother and sister. Unlimited hugs, kisses, reading of stories, time spent together shopping, seeing the decorations and crafting! Always lots of crafting!! Every time I’m in an airport around the holidays and I see someone that looked like my Nana, I tear up, get brave and go ask for a big hug. People are so kind when I explain. Merriest of Christmases to you and your families. Allison Bayer, Plano, TX

Kelly Baker

I just wanted to say that the best times of my life have been spent right in front of my sewing machine sewing quilt tops both on machine and by hand. I even think theres a certain flair of a hand-sewn quilt, a good one, it needs to be sturdy. But other than that durable also comes to mind. But my most favorite times are when im in my church worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ who has a belated birthday in not very long. Thats where the true meaning of life and love is taught in a very special way. I will just throw it out here, im a baptist. We are Bible believing bunch. Thats for sure. But thats where im going to learn how to live. Thats why my church wants us to read the proverb which corresponds to what day it is. I just love that. Another thing i love. Our church believes that the KJV is the infallible word of God.
In a nutshell, each day i try to have made contact with Him every morning. This way my day can go smooth. If i dont, my day is quite chaotic. Because God loves us and he wants us in fellowship with Him. Anyways, i hope this has reached someone. I can tell you the Bible is so real!!!
I was about to die from an infection i had on my heart valve. I had a 10 percent chance of living. Well, i knew what the best medicine was so i had my aunt send me an old scofield Biblle and she did right away. Then i turned that tv onto the TBN channel and i began to heal and improve. I also prayed all the time. I read that Bible until it was almost wore out. I would fall asleep reading from all of the pain meds and other sleepy time meds too. Boy i would sleep all day sometimes and be awake all night. The staff was a lot nicer at night.
But, i got better and better. Pretty soon, after 2 long months, i got to go home. But as soon as i got out of Spokane, Wa and back to home in West Richland, Wa the devil got me again. I went back on meth whis what i was on that led up to me almost seeing deaths door.
But, now ive been clean for 8 yrs off of meth. I sew quilt tops in my spare time. Eventually here, i need to learn how to finish a quilt doing all the quilting and the binding, etc…So this has been very good therapy for me. And now i have a hobby i really enjoy doing!!!

Wanda Ball

Christmas Eve we generally work until noon and then have a quick supper before heading to church and then after church we drive around and look at the Christmas lights.


Making cookies and sharing them with friends.

Elizabeth Johnson

I miss the family loading up in the car to drive to grandmas house on christmas eve. this was before computers , so we would drive around looking for santa and his reindeer. Then we would go back to grandmas and if she wasn’t finished with puttting out the gifts she would tell us she had santa trapped in the bedroom and we couldn’t see him so we would have to wait in the kitchen till he was finished. I really belived for years my grandma had the inside track with santa.

Lisa Eaton

My Mother LOVED Christmas. I feel close to her as we decorate our house miles and miles away. Her house once was covered from top to bottom with garland, she had at least 3 trees, huge wreath out front and lots and lots of santa décor. What I cherished the most was our hand knitted stockings- my sisters had the bigger jingle bell on the toe since she was older so we could tell them apart. I hope to be able to make our twin baby girls their stockings.


My favorite part of Christmas is actually the day after Thanksgiving. My whole family comes together to decorate the tree. We listen to my mom’s favorite music and reminisce on all the ornaments. We don’t get to do this every year anymore because we all live so far apart. But whenever I am putting my tree to, those are the memories I cherish most.

Debbie P

I loved Christmas Eve at my Grandma and Grandpas house. The whole family would get together. about 25 to 30 of us. It was full of tradition and warmth. Before everyone left for the evening, my Uncles would go up to the attic and ring sleigh bell and HoHoHo out the dormer window…The kids would be so excited, they knew Santa was almost at their house. I loved it and miss it!


As a child, one of my favorite parts of Christmas was performing in our church’s Christmas Eve play, and afterward each child was given a paper sack filled with peanuts, an orange and a few pieces of chocolate. As an adult, our whole neighborhood lights paper sack luminarias in front of each house before heading off to church. It’s beautiful.

Lorene Holbrook

On christmas morning we have a big breakfast. Since all our children have their own families now, its kind of a in and out thing. But everyone comes, we eat, we laugh, and the little ones tell what they recieved from santa! We have hot chocolate, mrs claus egg casserole, waffles with cinnamon syrup. Then they go. So I still get to see everyone, since I have to share them with other family members. We get together later for a simple dinner, in the late afternoon. Just ham sandwiches. Easy things. We get to be together, thats the important thing!


Thank you for the twelve days of Christmas. I have looked forward to each day. When our son was small Christmas was so much fun because we looked forward to the smiles when he found his treats under the tree. He enjoyed leaving cookies for Santa and was amazed when he found a partially eaten cookie on Christmas morning. Santa wasn’t able to eat the whole cookie because he had so many more stops to make. It was sad when Santa became a myth, but the delight in the gifts was still there. Since we moved so many times it was always just the three of us on Christmas, but even after 44 years the three of us make Christmas the special day it is. We remember why we celebrate Christmas and the gifting is just an extra treat, as it should be. Our gifts to family and friends are all hand made, quilting, and much of the credit for ideas and patterns goes to Craftsy and all the talented people who share their artistry. I look forward to the New Year and more Craftsy treats to make for my family and friends, maybe even one for myself. Many thanks.

Stephanie B

When I was 20, I moved from NY to Chicago to live with my boyfriend. We decided not to have a tree that year since we would be visiting his family for the week that included Christmas day, so we wouldn’t actually be around for the holiday itself. I didn’t know anyone in Chicago so I was lonely, and it just didn’t feel like Christmastime without a tree. My boyfriend must have seen how depressed I was because one day in early December I got a call at work telling me to meet him at the train station a few stops away from ours because he had a surprise for me. From there we walked in the bitter cold for what seemed like forever but was probably less than two miles, and ended up at a plant nursery that sold Christmas trees. What a great surprise! I was ecstatic as we chose a big, beautiful tree. We had it tied up and walked with it to the nearest bus stop. When the bus came it was more than half empty, but the bus driver told us that he couldn’t let us on with the tree. We didn’t know what to do. We were cold and tired, burdened with a seven-foot-tall tree and miles away from home. The bus driver must have seen the desperate looks on our faces because he relented and let us bring the tree on the bus. When we finally got home, I was filled with such gratitude and warmth (both figuratively and literally – I was frozen to the bone) at the sight of the tree in our living room. That was 13 years ago. Since then, my boyfriend (now my husband) and I have had a tree every Christmas, and every year I remember how he went out of his way to make me feel at home and loved at a time when I felt so alone and far away from everything I had ever known.


I loved Christmas when I was a kid as all kids do. My best memory was when my dad bought my mom a well needed winter coat she’d admired in the store. When she modeled the coat for the family, she pressed her hands into her pocket to find a small box. The surprised look on her face when she saw that it was an engagement ring was priceless. There wasn’t much money when they got married, and dad never got her one. Needless to say, it made Christmas. All seven younger siblings with their families were there to witness this surprise.

Karen Faripour

The most memorable story of Christmas past actually happened on the day before Christmas. My day was hectic, as only Christmas Eve can be, with cookies in the oven, last minute package wrapping, and final stitches being added to sewing projects. The teenagers in my house were of no help, nor was their father. The florist rang the doorbell, I ran to answer, and slipped on the rug. Too much! Time for a nap! Let me remind you, this story is true. I had got no farther than the bed when I heard strange gurgling noises coming from the hallway bathroom. From the toilet, of course. The lid was closed, so I steeled myself for the worst and lifted it. There, flapping in the water, was a bird! Needless to say, I lost it altogether and the family came running. While everyone else panicked my son remained calm and rescued the bird. He wrapped it in a towel and I called animal rescue. They told us that the bird should be fine if we put it outside in the sun. The family gathered around the window with a true feeling of togetherness as we watched the bird shake it’s feathers and fly away. We’ve wracked our brains, but we’ve never figured out how the bird had managed to get into such a predicament. (A poetic version of the story has been posted on my blog.)


I want to share a small tradition from my mother who we lost in 1983. She saved any and all Christmas cards each year and decorated the walls with them. I’ve continued this tradition, attaching most to lengths of Christmassy ribbon I tack on the walls. This is free and is a beautiful way to repurpose these thoughtful cards, many of which are from folks who’ve long passed.


My son Brian died when he was 7 years old, his birthday is today. When he was living he wanted the big chocolate chip cookie instead of a cake . so every year we bake cookies on Dec.15th or as we call it Cookie day.


My fondest memory of Christmas is from when I was a kid. Our tradition on Christmas Eve was for us kids(4) and Dad go see Santa outside city hall. We would stand in line freezing, but very excited to sit on his knee and tell him what we wanted, get a bag of goodies with nuts, old fashion ribbon candy and an orange, and rush back home where the whole family including, aunts, uncles, grand parents, and cousins were waiting.

Judy Herrema

One of my favorite memories. Is after a snow storm on Christmas Day
riding to our church Sunday School program in my Dad’s sleigh,filled with hay,
Pulled by out team of big work horses under a clear sky full of stars. I
It seems like a dream as I recall that night.

Dan D.

Ornament making was never an official tradition in our home, as evidenced by our Christmas tree. On our tree was always hung a hodge-podge of elementary school craft ornaments, some with our cute school pictures in them, maybe that year’s cut out paper snowflake, some popsicle stick creation, among the delicate store bought orbs that never survived the season. Our ornament crafting skills would have never made any impressive Intagram post or Pintrest list and the seeming variety and disconnected appearance of our Christmas tree would most likely have landed us on some “festive funny family fails” Buzzfeed list. One year, we made a fresh batch of ornaments out of my mom’s secret home-made salt dough recipe that we cut into holiday shapes with cookie cutters and baked until golden and petrified. Literally petrified. I don’t know what my mom put in that dough, but I’m pretty sure that even after 20 years, I can still find at least a dozen of those ornaments in the tree decorating box. Another year, my mom brought home a kit from the craft store of small metal frames with bake-able colored melting beads the idea being that you could follow a pattern of colors and bake those beads into somewhat translucent Santas, stockings, snow flakes and the like. Those also endured the ages and still adorn my parent’s Christmas tree. I used to wonder why we didn’t have one of those tinsle-matching-ornament-matching-ribbon-matching-angelic-star-topper trees with multi-setting lights that synced to our favorite Christmas carols. I mean, isn’t having Tannenbaum perfection in our homes what Christmas is all about? But now, looking back, I think that the answer to that question is so obvious. That “hodge-podge” Christmas tree, with all of its mismatched home-made decorations represented the people that made it, a loving and imperfect family who was building memories with each other. Each of us contributed a memory that held a special place in our home and for years those memories came out of that ornament box around Christmas time and took a special place on our tree to remind us how special and unique our family is. This is a simple reminder to me that the joy of the season doesn’t necessarily hinge on the flawless execution of a decorative perfection (and there’s nothing wrong with that either), but rather from the accumulation of special memories that represent love and unity in your own way, however it may look.

Vicky Haynes

We’re in that in between state when the kids are grown and married but don’t have any children of their own yet. And they’re trying to spend some time with the in-laws and the out-laws. 🙂 So for the last few years, I just couldn’t see doing a lot of decorating. What’s the point? No piles of presents, too much work. But last year, I found some large plastic ornaments at the thrift store. Days are short and can be dreary in the Pacific Northwest. But we’ve got a big plum tree and several apple trees out by the road. I had a bag of plastic beads in red and gold… Then I saw a big container of plastic ornaments at the hardware store. So I suggested to my DH that we decorate the trees that the neighbors could see. To make a short story long, we spent a day out in our mini-orchard, decorating leafless fruit trees with all kinds of sparkly, glittery, shiny things. We actually ended up buying more ornaments on clearance! We had so much fun, it’s now a new family tradition. Everyone commented on how nice it looked and how much they enjoyed seeing the trees as they drove by. This year we’ve expanded our outdoor decor with the Japanese maple out front getting its’ own set of ornaments. I’m actually looking forward to Christmas this year because even though the inside isn’t bursting at the seams, my spirits soar every time I look out the windows.

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