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12 Days of Craftsy: Day 1 Revealed

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Welcome to the 12 Days of Craftsy! Each day we'll unlock a fun surprise you'll love, so be sure to check back.

Day 1 of 12 Days of Craftsy

Day 1 is a way to support inspiring seniors! We're thrilled to partner with Wish of a Lifetime this week, to fulfill seniors' life-enriching wishes-- and you can help! Let's honor and value society's greatest treasures: our seniors, the sole guardians responsible for passing down old-world methods of the very crafts we adore.

Start Seeing Seniors...#WishConnect from Wish of a Lifetime on Vimeo.

Seniors in our society should be honored and valued, not overlooked and ignored. Wish of a Lifetime uncovers and shares inspirational stories from deserving seniors across the country, striving to change the way our society views and treats our aging population. Be part of the change!

Join us in supporting seniors through Wish of a Lifetime when you purchase any Craftsy class (Craftsy will donate $5 from every class purchase to Wish of a Lifetime) or donate directly to the cause to send a senior home.

Learn more about how you can help here>>

Be sure to come back to the Craftsy blog tomorrow for another fun surprise!

*Promotion ends December 11, 2013 at midnight MT. Craftsy will donate $5 to WOL for each class purchase, up to a maximum of $50,000.


Scheri Manson

What an excellent idea.


What a fantastic video and great cause. Very moving and very touching. Makes you stop and think.



Bravo Craftsy for supporting this fabulous organization and thank you for sharing it. I’ll be passing along this link to my friends.

In my own family, I’ve seen first hand how important our “seniors” are and what a difference they have made in our lives. It is so important that the concept of seniors as “non-people” with nothing to give be changed. They have a lifetime of experience that has given them wisdom, and have given so much to their families, friends, and their country.

Pat Burch

How powerful! As I approach “the golden years.” it hit home. How many people do we “not see,” ignore. They say you can tell what a culture is by how they treat their young and old. Wonderful timing.


Beautifully done.


i love sewing and crocheting and scrapping i am addicted to both and have done them since i was about 12 learned to sew because i wanted nice clothes and the other hobbies i learned out of need desire and want…… and i love what i do and wish i could do more and i never can hace to much fabric……


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