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Dude Food: Tips and Tricks for Manly Cooking

No girls allowed: this post is all about manly recipes. From famously dude-revered fare like beer, bacon and beef to man-favored food and cooking methods, such as grilling and smoking to game-day favorites, this collection of tips and tricks is manlier than cowboys, car racing, James Bond and Old Spice all put together. That is to say: shield your eyes, ladies, because that's a lot of maleness.

Full disclosure? Truthfully, all of these recipes are so tasty that they'll be equally enjoyable to women as well. But in honor of Movember, we're dedicating this one to the boys. On to the manly cooking...

Cartoon of a Burger
Illustration via CakeSpy

Required reading

Book "Wolf in Chef's Clothing"
Wolf in Chef's Clothing is a classic retro book dedicated to manly cooking, and complete with tips on entertaining in a suave manner to proper business etiquette. Oh, and it has pictures. A valuable volume indeed.

The three B's: any guide to manly recipes would be incomplete without a nod to the three B's, the unofficial holy trinity of male cookery: beer, bacon and beef.

Cartoon of Beer, Bacon and Beef
Illustration via CakeSpy


Incorporating beer into food and cooking is a great way to enjoy more beer. Be sure to check out our suggestions for incorporating craft beer in your cooking and baking.


It's a well-known fact: bacon makes everything better. From apple-bacon braised chicken thighs to a tasty guacamole BLT, it's always a welcome addition to manly cooking.


It's what's for dinner for a reason: beef is high in protein, which makes men feel even manlier. To increase your beef cooking skills, learn this guide to the different cuts of beef and get inspiration from these creative cheeseburgers.

The three B's aren't the only story when it comes to manly cooking, though. Here are some other great inspirations.

Beef on a Grill
Photo via Karly Campbell for Craftsy

Grilling and smoking: These are extremely manly modes of cooking. Get excited!

Amp up the flavor on your grilled meat with some homemade barbecue sauce. A melange of spices including paprika, chipotle, onion, pepper and parsley come together for a smoky, delicious finish.

Unctuous ribs take to all sorts of seasoning. Smoked pepper and cocoa ribs make for a hearty, filling dinner.

Meat Pizza on a Wood Board
Photo via Craftsy member CJ Tinkle

Game-day food: Get your game on with some tasty fare.

Learning how to make your own corn tortillas means that you'll be able to make the most amazing nachos or taco shells ever.

Homemade pizza will make your home a slice of heaven on game day. Peter Reinhart's class Perfect Pizza at Home can help you hone your skills.

Don't think bread-making is for dudes? Think again. All that kneading requires muscle, and that's very manly. Learn how to make perfect loaves in Peter's Artisan Bread Making class. Your game-day sandwiches will never be the same.

Pasta and Clams
Photo via Craftsy instructor Giuliano Hazan

Hearty fare: Sometimes, warming and filling food is what a guy wants.

Spaghetti is comforting dude food. Making it with clams and ripe tomatoes, like Craftsy instructor Giuliano Hazan did in his recipe for spaghetti alle vongole, makes it a little fancy.

Braising is a cozy type of cooking that is easy and forgiving, so even guys who consider themselves dummies in the kitchen will be able to handle this with ease. Bone up on braising via the Craftsy course Secrets of Slow Cooking: Mastering the Braise. You might also enjoy our roundup of fall braising sauces.

Infused Vodkas
Photo via CakeSpy for Craftsy

Happiest hour: Knowing how to craft a cocktail is extremely manly.

Infusing vodkas will make your James Bond-approved martini even cooler. Try pepper or jalapeño for a spicy kick.

Fall cocktails featuring brandies, bourbon and hard cider will warm your spirits in cool weather.

Photo via CakeSpy for Craftsy

Something sweet: Not all men will admit it, but they love dessert.

Doughnuts, whether or not the maple-bacon variety, are a perfect treat for a guy because they can be called "breakfast." Homer Simpson would approve.

Brownies and chocolate chip cookies always seem to disappear when a dude is in the house.

Studies show that men love the smell of pumpkin pie. The best way to get that scent going? Um...bake a pumpkin pie, of course.

What's your favorite "dude food"?

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